Poland, Germany · 8 Days · 14 Moments · October 2017

Berlin Getaway

1 November 2017

Eastside gallery Since the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th, 1989, the segments that remain have stood as something more symbolic than just a wall. With installations in every continent, except for Antarctica, the East Side Gallery is the most authentic existing part of the Berlin Wall.

28 October 2017

Gold of Germany - chocolate 😎😋
Exploring Berlin Wall Memorial

27 October 2017

Schnitzel bigger than my head..and french version of German beer :D (don't remember the name of this place baby:*)
Sony center by night
Paul likes to read a lot. And when I say a lot. It means everything 😂😘
Spy museum And Paul slow reader..only 5h later :P
Salfie game stron

26 October 2017

AUSTRIA AUSTRIA! Typical Austrian beer in Germany #superproud
Dinner in hipsterdistrict with our good friend Ho Vang
With free guided tour from Sandemanns

24 October 2017

See you 6a.m. baby 💕😘