Spain · 2 Days · 14 Moments · August 2017

One day in Malaga

28 August 2017

Bus from 6.25- comes 6.44. (Near the hostel). omw to the airport :)
Every journey comes to an end.. With 7.30am flight :P

27 August 2017

Roman theatre in the old city center. 💕
DJ set in the park. 💕
Modern Art museum - Sunday evening for free! Picasso, Frida and others - very nicely made and quite interesting
Good ice-cream :D Dark orange was the best choice. 💕
Really nice beach. With cool view on the hills. 💕
More of the bay
Nice bronze installation by the port. Worth spending few minutes to check them out. Also the construction above reminds me a lot of Sevilla
Back to 100 montaditos. On Sunday everything 1€ 💕💕💕
Baby leaving me for the airport :((

26 August 2017

4am lunch at the Backpackers hostel. 2salads and beer just 4€ :)