Indonesia, Singapore · 13 Days · 18 Moments · June 2017

Month Backpacking Bali

19 June 2017

I had to switch rooms this morning since my room was booked out for tonight, which is fine because they upgraded me to the AC room for only 2 extra dollars. I had a muesli bowl with fruit for breakfast, which was an upgrade from the free breakfast (pancakes) for 2 dollars. My Canadian friend and I went to the beach for a little while and then I booked a sunrise yoga class tomorrow morning on paddle boards! We then went to go book a snorkel trip for tomorrow as well, which you go to the three Gili islands and snorkel all around them. Once we went back to the hostel, I went for a run at the gym and ordered two boiled eggs for a late lunch. I ran into my friend from Kuta, Pam, who I didn't even know was here and we ended up in the same room! We ended up going to watch the sunset on the beach that evening and then my Canadian friend joined us for a movie in the free movie room at the hostel to end the night.

18 June 2017

Today I made it to Gili T- which is supposed to be a huge party island, except its Ramadan right now so it's a lot more chill. I checked into my hostel and set off to go to the beach... as I hadn't been able to do that in a while now. When I came back to the hostel, I met a French Canadian girl in my room who came to the gym with me and then we set off to see the sunset on the other side of the island. Unfortunately, on the way my sandals broke and I lost my sunglasses in the ocean... so on our way back I had to go to the market to buy flip flops and sunnies. It was pretty frustrating shopping in Gili T, as I was expecting a lot more shops like there were in Kuta... but there was mostly only food markets. Once I finally managed to buy what I needed to buy, I went back to the hostel and went to sleep.

17 June 2017

Let's just say that the 2am wakeup call to climb a volcano at 3:45am was worth it! I was really nervous as I heard that Mount Batur wasn't an easy climb, but it was much less difficult than I expected! It took about 2.5 hours to climb up to the summit and the views at sunrise were amazing. I met a couple people on the way who made the climb much more bearable. The way down was quite difficult! Many people fell on the way down as it's really sandy, slippery and steep! Once we got to the bottom, I fell asleep on the car ride home which took about an hour. The rest of that day I was way too lazy to do anything and didn't even make it to my yoga class because I decided to nap instead. In the morning, I booked a fast boat to Gili T which picks me up from the hostel at 6:30am, and then checking into GiliFit hostel which has a gym and health bar, with free breakfast included!

16 June 2017

Today I tried to save my energy, as I've decided to do a sunrise climb of Mount Batur tonight! We leave 2am to get to the mountain at 3:30 to do the two hour climb up for sunrise. I'm really hoping for good weather, as it says it's supposed to be pretty cloudy in the morning... hoping for the best to get a good sunrise view. I went to yoga at 5pm which was Yin yoga, a more calming yoga where poses are held for longer. Afterwards, I've treated myself to a raw vegan pizza for dinner that consisted of a zucchini crust, cashew cheese, marinara sauce, and lots of veggies! I'm going home to nap now in order to get some rest, seeing I'll be up all night. It's nice to be climbing a mountain on a Friday night, instead of out drinking as I normally would be. (yay for being healthy in Bali 🙌🏼)

15 June 2017

Monkeys are slightly scary. It cost 50 000 IRP to enter the monkey forest which apparently goes into the maintenance of the forest and to feed the monkeys. First, I just walked around the forest, admiring the monkeys, and taking photos. I was about to leave but then decided that I wanted to go and get a selfie with one of them. I propped myself next to one while filming and the monkey started to climb on my shoulder which I was not expecting. This monkey was nice and posed for me and got off without much of a hassle. However, I then went to film another monkey, who ended up jumping on me and climbed up my arm to my head and started trying to take my earrings out! That was not as fun. I was kind of nervous because I really didn't want to get bit, but eventually it got off, and I still had my earrings in tact! After that I decided to leave the forest and walk to my yoga class for some zen after that whole ordeal. I had huge papaya bowl for dinner after yoga and made my way back home.
This morning, I went downstairs for a fruit bowl in order to mix in with my Weetbix for breakfast. I waited in my room and read while waiting for my GoPro and phone to charge before heading out for lunch at a place called, Atman Nourish Cafe, close to the yoga studio. It was so good to have poached eggs and avocado on sourdough toast, with a fresh young coconut to drink. The arrangement of where you are was cute as it was basically cushions on the floor and a low table where you sat at, so no chairs. I met a texan girl who's in Bali for an acting course, who was pretty cool to talk to about what she was doing and just to have a friendly face, as my hostel hasn't been very social lately. She suggested that I have enough time to go to the Monkey Sanctuary before I went to yoga today, as I would have enough time, so after lunch I set off by bike taxi to the forest.

14 June 2017

My Danish friend, Rick, who I met in Kuta is in Ubud right now so we decided to rent a motorbike together to go drive down to the rice terraces in Tegallalang, which was beautiful. Unfortunately, you couldn't walk through the rice terrace so we drove to another rice terrace so we could go for a walk and check it out. We walked through that terrace and you can do give a donation on your way out. Once we drove back to Ubud, Rick went home and I got ready for yoga. I've been doing Vinyasa yoga, which is a more dynamic yoga and more sweaty. It feels much more like a workout and you feel great afterwards. It's nice to not know anyone in the class, and therefore don't have to feel like you need to live up to any expectations... therefore just feeling in your own practice. After yoga today, I bought a turmeric cleansing juice, which was dinner that night, as I never really feel hungry afterwards and the juice was refreshing. That night, I read my book in bed and went to sleep.

13 June 2017

This morning, I got served free breakfast up on the terrace which was eggs, toast and fruit. I checked out of the hostel at 11am and set off to go to my next hostel. The hostel is called Happy Mango Tree and it's only 50 000 IDR per night. I couldn't check into the hostel until 2pm, so I decided to go to the beginners yoga class at Yoga Barn. It was about a 45 minute walk but I still managed to go there an hour before the class started. There's a nice cafe there with many raw, vegan foods, so I sat down with a group of people and ate lunch with them. I had a raw vegan pad thai which was vegetables as noodles and a ginger sauce. Mark Whitwell taught my class, who is apparently a famous author and yoga instructor around the world. After class, I walked back to my hostel to properly check in and then went and explored a little bit, coming across many other temples on the way. Tonight, there wasn't many people around so I went to dinner alone and again, went to bed fairly early.

12 June 2017

I got to Ubud and the hostel I wanted to stay at was full, so I decided to go find somewhere else to stay. It was still raining at this point and I was way too lazy to go carry my backpack around so I went to a nearby homestay, where I got my own room with two queen sized beds. The homestay was in a great location and the owners were really kind. I ended up spending 130 000 IDR that night, which would have been as cheap as the hostel if I had one other person with me. That afternoon, I set off to go explore the main street where I came across a beautiful temple with lillypad ponds surrounding it. I couldn't get the best photo as there were many tourists surrounding it. After the temple, I went and had dinner at a cafe, which consisted of veg, tofu and peanut sauce which was delicious. It was raining still... so that evening I just went back to my homestay, and went to sleep fairly early.
The cool thing about Canggu is that the beach is volcanic black sand, so much different than what I'm used to. This morning I went down to the beach to watch some surf and then decided to check out and go start my two week cleanse in Ubud. Ubud is a very relaxed place with lots of Yoga and healthy eats. I've been wanting to spend the majority of my time in Bali there and I thought this morning was a good day to go. As I've complained earlier, taxi drivers here suck. Everyone just wants to rip you off and they are very territorial, so Uber is very difficult to get. This morning I went on a long walk out of Canggu in order to try and find a metered taxi, as Canggu has their own local cab and it is fixed price. Eventually I gave up and a cab that had seen me earlier offered to take me for 200 000 IDR, which is 150 000 than they said earlier. Thank god I got in that taxi, because 5 minutes later it started pouring rain.

11 June 2017

I got breakfast this morning for about 2 dollars CAD. It's nice hat you can get eggs and fresh fruit juice everywhere you go. Definitely living off of that for a while! When I was at Sky Garden, I met two French Canadian girls who were going to a place called Canggu. I decided to go meet up with them this morning and took a 30 minute uber to the hostel. Canggu is a very big surf town with lots of little shops, but not much to do otherwise. During the day I went and got a juice and then just explored around the beach a little bit. I went and got drinks with these three Americans on the beach for sunset, which was disappointing because of all the clouds. Later on, I met up with Rick who I met in the city prior for dinner and then went to bed after that.

10 June 2017

I woke up today slightly hungover.. blaming that last Long Island. I probably stayed in bed until about noon and then decided I really needed to go explore Kuta before I left the day after. I went out for breakfast with my roommates and got a cheese omelette and fresh juice. That definitely helped so I went to go to the markets on the street. Walking in the street isn't any better than the airport was. You get constantly asked if you want a taxi, a bike, transport etc etc etc. It's very annoying to say the least! The people in the shops are also constantly asking you to come into their shops and if you like something, you always get "very good price" apparently, but it's very necessary to bargain. You can usually get it for a third of the price of what they asked for in the first place. I went and explored Kuta beach which was pretty dirty , and then made my way back to the hostel. That night, I decided to stay in and research from the Lonely Planet book my roommate let me keep!

9 June 2017

Today, honestly was a very lazy day in which I spent at the nice pool at Captain Goose hostel. This hostel has a really good atmosphere to it and very social, which is great for a solo traveller. You meet people instantly if you're in the common areas. I met some English boys at the pool and hung out with them for a little while until my roommates joined me afterwards. We were all just tanning, swimming and hanging out until around 6pm when we went on our way to one of the biggest nightclubs here called, Sky Garden. It is a 115 000 IDR entrance fee but that consists of a free buffet and free drinks until 9pm, which we definitely took advantage of. You get two free drinks at a time until the free drinks are over and then it's only about 10 000 IDR per drink which is about one dollar Canadian, or you can get a Long Island Iced Tea or any other cocktail for about 50 000 IDR, which had five shots in it (killer).

8 June 2017

Made it to Bali! Honestly, my first hour of Bali was awful. You get to the airport and get absolutely hassled by all the taxi drivers at the airport who try to rip you off and don't leave you alone. It was probably the most frustrating thing I've experienced since I started travelling... as they fully follow you around and just yell random prices at you- one cab driver even followed me out of the airport and got mad at me when I didn't want to take his price. I know from friends experience that it should cost me about 25 000 IDR to get to Kuta, and they all tried to charge 100 000 IDR. I met a Chinese girl outside of the airport and we made our way to the hotel nearby in order to grab a metered taxi, so that I could get a fair price. Once I got to my hostel, I met my roommates Pam and Rick, who were great and we stayed out by the pool drinking a beer and playing cards until it was time for bed.
I woke up and went to go have the free breakfast that is served up on the terrace of my hostel. Breakfast included a piece of fruit and two pieces of toast with peanut butter and jam, plus a coffee or tea. Once I was done with breakfast, I made my way back to the gardens, this time much quicker than the last as I managed to find free bikes everywhere that you could rent by downloading an app. It's even hotter today as the sun is shining and it's still super humid. I don't think I've ever sweat this much in my entire life... The gardens by day were just as pretty as everyone says. You can see more with the daylight, and there's much more tourists around as well. Last night I saw maybe two people in the gardens, but it's very busy today. I don't have much time to go explore as I have a flight going out to Bali in the afternoon, but it was nice to have this little layover in Singapore as short as it lasted.

7 June 2017

Singapore is beautiful. I took my time walking around even though I knew it would be super late by the time I got home. I first went to Merlion Park which was basically just a water fountain of Lion... not too exciting but the view overlooking the skyline was worth it! I then made my way over to the famous Gardens by the Bay, which was as lovely as everyone says it is. I spent about an hour walking through the gardens before I made my way back to the hostel, which was around 1am. The plan is to go back in the morning to see the gardens in daylight; as I've heard you get to see more out of it that way.
Landed in Singapore at approximately 7pm and my God, it is hot outside. The weather outside is about 34 degrees but with the humidity feels like it's almost 40. I don't have much time to do anything tonight, but I caught the transport bus for 9 SGD which took me directly in front of the hostel which was perfect. I couldn't have picked a better location for my one night in Singapore. The hostel is directly on the Singapore River and overlooks boats passing by and the skyline. My roommates are nice, the room has AC, and they gave me a free SIM card with 1g of data 🙌🏼. I had to wait for my phone to charge so that I can use my maps to get around, by then it was around 10pm before I finally decided to go explore.
Today, I'm leaving Sydney after travelling with my friend Marit for the last 4 months since we left for the East Coast of Australia and then spent two months in Fiji. It's crazy to have now officially left everyone that I know and start my travels on my own again. First stop today is flying into Singapore and spending a "short" 20 hour layover exploring the city. Not the most excited about an 8 hour flight that doesn't serve food on an airline that I've never heard of... but hopefully all goes well.