North America, Europe · 16 Days · 44 Moments · August 2015

Karin and Gerry Scotland and Ireland

8 September 2015

Powerscourt House and Garden and 400 foot waterfall Enniskerry Ireland. New friends -twin sisters Janice and Janese we met at Poppies and drove to the Waterfall.
Farewell! Our last meal at Poppies. A country Cafe in Enniskerry. Goodbye Ireland and all the great people we met along the way. We realize how fortunate we were to have sun shinning every day and we were able to be out and about. I guess we could have had a different experience but either way Ireland is beautiful every where and the peeps here are funny, warm and interesting.
A quick trip to see St. Patrick's Cathedral before we head out of Dublin and back to our hotel to pack get ready to fly home.
Guinness Storehouse tour. Dublin Ireland. It was hard to drag me from the country and the coastal villages we've been traveling and to enter a large city. But...the Guinness tour was cool with a pint at the end snd chatting it up with the German kids in the tasting room.

7 September 2015

We popped in this neighborhood church built in the 1800's and still holds services.

6 September 2015

Powerscourt County Wicklow nearing the end of our trip. Out and about our beautiful hotel.
We decided to stop in Killkenny at a pub to watch the Hurling championship play their final match. The Killkenny hurling team is famous. Champs the last 8 of 12 years. Killkenny dominates again. The homes businesses and entire town was decorated displaying their love for their team Hurling is for a very tough manly-man sport. And a quick stop in Avaco to check out the hand weavers.
Hayfield Manor Cork, Ireland. If you want to feel spoiled stay at the Hayfield. The hotel and grounds are superb and the service is amazing. Isn't it just fitting for Gerry to have his tea every morning.

5 September 2015

Dinner in Kinsale. Fishy Fishy was our restaurant. Kinsale is a village known for sailing and a foodie/restaurant Mecca. No pics of the amazing town (on my other camera) but this is a must see. Small hilly streets with small business after business screams come in, eat shop, enjoy. Lobster Thermador and crab bisque for me. I know, I couldn't decide. I'm really starting to like Guiness.
We kissed the stone! Blarney Castle! We climbed the 120 ft steep, twisty stone staircases to check out this amazing castle. Our photography can't capture all the amazing views, elevations and beauty and emotions just trying to imagine what like was like in the 12,13, 14, and 15 century's.
More Blarney!
More to come with our travels in the ring on winding roads too narrow for one car, sheep roaming about, bicyclist and huge tractors with tour buses as well. Gerry has the bushes on the side of the road wacking my window as he navigates our travels. I love Ireland so much.
Most spectacular drive down into The Ring of Kerry which is a 134 mile loop on the south west coast. We saw some beautiful beaches and had to stop. The water is cold like Monterey but it was so clear sunny calm and a local couple of seniors were stripping to go in. I took off my shoes and waited in. Every one talks about how much rain there is on Ireland so I kept saying are we really in Ireland. The sheep really got me excited. The whole day was sensory overload.
Beautiful Parknisilla Hotel on Sneem which is down in the Ring of Kerry on the coast. We did a trail hike around the old castle hotel which is located on A huge piece of property with trails, archery, golf. Like all of Ireland. The foliage is gigantic. We're off to drive the ring which had some of the most spectacular views and SHEEP!! Baaa!!!

4 September 2015

Boat trip to the Cliffs of Moher. Gus O'connors Pub Doolin, Ireland. Famous for Irish music.
Views on and around No. 1 Pery Square hotel and Spa. Limerick Ireland, Very cool historic hotel with amazing restaurant in a old sprawling King George (Georgian Era) hotel and neighborhood. We're off for a long drive to the Cliffs of Mohr. Considered sacred.

3 September 2015

Adare, County Limerick. A village dotted with thatch cottages with history since 1223. Photo of the guardsman at the Adare Manor hotel. That's as close as we could get unless we book an afternoon tea. Off to our boutique hotel on Limerick City which is from "the Georgian era" and known recently from Frank McCourts Angela's Ashes, a huge favorite of mine.
Day one Ireland. We're here. We're driving from Dublin to Adare which is from one side of the country to the other. Our first stop in Portlaoise a non tourist town to hit the bank and local grocer for some road smackies. Check it out the checkers sit down to check you out. They love their butchers. They are all over the UK and Irish towns. I also found a chocolate shoppe. Oh my tastie it was.

2 September 2015

Back to St Andrews Scotland for Gerrys big day of golf. He played the castle course which has the most picturesque views. I've never seen such a hilly course. Views of the ocean all along the way. We played with a couple from Finland. Weather held out so it was beautiful.

1 September 2015

This is it. Last night in Edinburgh Scotland. After having the local flare of fish and chips and steak and ale pie a few times we ventured to a great Chinese restaurant. Food in Scotland is very international. Especially Indian food which we also tried. After dinner it was back to the Bridge. I had to have their sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream before I left. Gerry enjoyed an old fashion with a scotch single malt. He's way more sophisticated than I. It's Ireland for us early in the morning.
Dinner at the Bridge in Ratho. I finally got the courage to drive us with our manual transmission. We had the best dessert I've ever ever had. Sticky salted Carmel pudding like bread pudding but different. Then a small whiskey tasting at the bar. Natalia and Erin were our servers. Oh and Gerry got his pocket knife confiscated by the police at the Scottish Parliament. Knives are illegal in this country. Deja vu Disney land except they didn't frisk him in Disney land.
Our day in Edinburgh visiting the castle. Built way up on the top of the town. It's incredible.

31 August 2015

The ruins of St Andrews Cathedral. In the town of St Andrews home of where golf originated. The most pristine town or village we have traveled to.
In for our mid day beverage at the Dunvegan. Gerry has stars in his eyes at St Andrews golf course.

30 August 2015

And we love the Scots! Sometimes hard to understand. The entrance to our hotel which is in a country setting on a golf course. Oh so green this country is.
In for a pint at the Black Bull in Livingston a village ten minutes from our hotel. The village as I was told is a preservation. It will remain with the traditional old look. The Scot men do love their pubs.
Edinburgh Castle - small alleys to pass through.
Check it out. Architectural overload. The festival which the city grows from half a million to over one million. It's for the month of August. Ends tomorrow. 3000 different shows at any time. Didn't know this was going on.
Just getting started. Edinburgh. My favorite city ever. Not just the beer talking. Scots are hot!

29 August 2015

We're here in Edinburgh Scotland. Like driving to San Diego but I don't think British peeps make this trip. I was excited to see the English country side but it wasn't till we got way north and close to Scotland that we started seeing our first sheep. I wanted to take a picture but the roads were so narrow it was hard to pull over. We did a drive through Liverpool. It did not interest us to take time to visit. A rough city from what we saw. We stopped at a really cool pub just before Scotland for dinner. We traveled into Scotland on a two lane road that was very windy and narrow. Stone walls and sheep in all the beautiful hills. The first pic I took was at dusk of the stone church. Gas is about $10 a gallon toll bridges also ten. The dollar doesn't go far here. They speak our language but can be hard to understand. I'm going to love Scotland. We're here for a few days. On the motorway the have a very organized system. No police at all. Gerry drives 80 and the blow past him at 90.
Saturday morning. It's a long weekend here we were told. We've left London for our 400 plus mile trek to Scotland. We're out of the city so it's easy-breezy. Gerry's getting this driving down. Looking forward to seeing some country. New York City has nothing on London is my take away. We only got a peak at it! It's amazing.

28 August 2015

Oh what a day. Crazy drive into London. I don't recommend it. Gerry has it down. We saw London Tower we were on Tower Bridge which crosses over the Thames river. We checked out Harrods. I can't explain how posh it is. You have to visit it yourself. Photos just don't capture the layers and density of this amazing city.
Leaving town of Waltham Abbey heading to Kensington which is close to central London. They don't refrig the eggs in the grocery. Driving is friging nuts. Skinny streets with cars parked every. Gerry keeps stalling while he shifts from left hand. He's doing great. Takes nerve. Feels like your going to have a head on accident all day long.

27 August 2015

This is On our way to Kensington Palace. The buildings in London are old and enormous. St James park by the palace is like Golden Gate. I was disappointed. Only two guards at palace. Not at all what you see on TV. The English are good drivers is what I'll say for the day. Omg.
Our first shot at some English food and beer. Ohh! Forgot they served it warm.
On the tube to central London. Left out of the Loughton station. This is a very wealthy community with $2 million pound plus tear down homes. Everything is very green and beautiful.
Gerry drove his manual transmission car on the wrong side of the road driving from the wrong side of the car ( right for UK). It was a white knuckler for me. The round abouts are insane. More of that to come when we drive six hours to Edinburgh Scotland. What was I thinking.
We are off for a seven hour flight to Heathrow but after taking full advantage of the beverage service and dinner we will be in full recline hopefully sleeping. Cheers! Sleep tight!
Heading into the 911 museum New York City.

23 August 2015

We're packing and getting ready for our Journi. I'm sending this as a dry run to see if I'm up and running.