United Kingdom · 1 Days · 7 Moments · May 2017

Karin's adventure in Brighton, United Kingdom

6 May 2017

For the night out we decided to go to Black Lion. We once went there with Helen and it was a good party so we thought why not. Even tho we had pre drinks at mine (700 Gin for me and Helen 😬) I ended up buying 40£ worth of dobbbble rum&colas 😷 not a good choice.. Halfway through the party we also needed to go get some food because Helen got soooooo hungry.. And ended up at home already at 2. But still, it was a good night and I was so hapy to have the girls with me!!!
After tahat it was time to relax a bit so we went back to my place to get ready for the evening.
And then it was time to do something awesome. So me and Marga went to ride that gian hammer... OMGGG I don't get scared easily, but this thing was crazyyyyy and soooo awesome. While looking from the ground it seemed like the ride will last only few minutes, but whilst we were on it, it seemed like for ever. I liked the adrenalin tho :) The view was also good.
Got some Icecream on our way to Pier
Next stop fish and chips at the beach. That fish was as big as my whole hand so was a good size for two. Had to fight the seagullllls to protect our food.
Since the day had just started I had a full guided tour planned for them. So we made our first stop at the Royal Pavilion (of course before we got there we had to stop by a coffee place with these two coffee friiks). Pavilion was great in this sunny day.
Helen and Margret arrived to Brighton rail station to have the best weekend eveeer.