Israel · 10 Days · 15 Moments · July 2017

Karina's Adventure In Israel

13 July 2017

Day 10: We visited the hanging Gardens of the Bahá'í world heritage site.

12 July 2017

Day 9: Turkish Baths.
Day 9: Museum of Underground Prisoners from the Israel War of Independence 1948. We also tour Akko and experienced medieval Christian and Ottoman history.
Day 9: we receieved our official orientation to the Western Galilee College. We had a very interesting lecture on the global perspective and changing populations around the world by Dr. Yitzhak Roman.

11 July 2017

Day 8: We had the opportunity to explore the Roman excavation and tour Alona park. This was built by King Herod, which was a 300 meter walk in a underground tunnel.
Day 8: Ceasarea was magical! So much history in one place alone. I wish we had more time to navigate the entire place.

10 July 2017

Today was an extremely long day in Tel Aviv. Our last day with Chagit, Our Hebrew Ulpan teacher. We visited Davidson Center at the Weizmann Institute. I still can't believe that those students go to such a prestigious school for free. I wish that American value education as much as the Jewish community. We also received a lecture on water conservation in Igudan, a waste water treatment. This has help tremendously with the lack of water that Israel was facing.

9 July 2017

Day 5: Eran, the tour director invited the entire Fulbright group to his house. We were about to celebrate Sabbath together with his family. It was an amazing experience to take part in such a religious and important night for all Jewish families.
Today we visited Ajami neighborhood of Jaffa where we meet Ora (a Jewish dancer) and Ihab a Muslim. Together they built and manage a network of bilingual ( Hebrew/Arabic) kindergartens. It was very interesting hearing his hate for Jews and how he learned to love them. Although his family disowned him for over 5 years they are now more open about his marriage with a Jewish woman. They invited us over for a traditional Arabic vegetarian dinner.

7 July 2017

Day 4: We finally made it to a school named RAMA for gifted and creative thinkers. We were about to obtain knowledge on how Israeli educators build their curriculum for gifted students. Oelia and Dr. Segev gave us a fun and interactive presentation, which I hope to use in my classroom.
Day 3: Today was awesome! We were able to visit Tel Aviv University and The Museum of Jewish People ( Diaspora Museum)... We also visited Jaffa at Night with the crew 😊

5 July 2017

Day 2: After our Hebrew Ulpan lesson we visited Tel Aviv Museum of Art. We had the chance to experience an overview of the city of Tel Aviv on an open bus to see neighborhoods.

4 July 2017

Day 1: We have finally arrived to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel. The group was quickly transported to Grand Beach Hotel. We couldn't resisted the beach any longer.