New Zealand · 14 Days · 7 Moments · November 2017

The Oceans That Connect Us

18 November 2017

“Do not be nostalgic for a place. Go home to your people and do the work. That is how you can honour the experience” -Manulani Meyer

17 November 2017

“We do not have the upper hand here. We simply have the one closer to the soil” -Manulani Meyer

10 November 2017

“I could never survive in the city. I can’t hunt in the supermarket” - Alaskan Native Elder

8 November 2017

“There’s so much to talk about” - Pouline (Native Alaskan Elder)
“Welcome Home” Have you ever been somewhere for the first time, and felt like you had come home? I have. I feel like I know these mountains. And they know me. The whisper of the ocean is calm and familiar. The sun greets me like a long lost friend. And as the cold winds sting my cheeks, I smile. Because I am home.

4 November 2017

“So this is really happening...” Goodbyes. Holding back the tears. Check in. Passports and boarding passes. Excitement is infectious. I’m so glad I caught it.
“Make your children your reason, not your excuse” This haerenga was always going to be the experience of a lifetime. But I was in denial. The thought of being separated from my babies terrified me. It robbed me of excitement and left me numb. Anxiety. Building until breaking point. Tears. Self-doubt. Panic. “I can’t do this”, I whispered into the warmth of his embrace. “Yes you can”. Let your children be your reason, not your excuse. First lesson learnt and I hadn’t even left yet. Transformation hurts. But I am ready. Let’s do this.