North America, Asia · 11 Days · 34 Moments · October 2017

Karen's journi adventures through Vietnam !!

29 October 2017

My last supper before and the morning of my departure. So sad. Had a great massage at the Chinese airport! Hung back while waiting to board the plane because I didn’t want to leave.
Going off of 2 hours of sleep. Joined a bunch of fun folks for a Mekong Delta tour to Ben Tra.

28 October 2017

Arrived in Saigon. My hotel was Fusion Suites. Got a hold of Ahn, an Old friend and a jack of all trades. We hung out at his bar, rdid nitrous balloons and then went clubbing VIP style.
The real pub with a cold beer, inner tubing down the lazy river in Bon Lai valley, Duck Stop and delicious bun xeo. Plane to Saigon sunset.
Pub with the cold beer - take 1. What / no inner tube. That’s odd.

27 October 2017

Dark cave! Mud bath. My skin was so soft afterwards.
Paradise Cave. So beautiful.

26 October 2017

Phong Nha Farmstay.
Phong Nha cave! Gorgeous!
Heading out to Phong Nga cave from Hue.

25 October 2017

Then collapsed onto a bed of rose petals at the Serene Palace Hotel for an early morning the next day.
Got right off one motorcycle and onto another for the ‘I love hue’ ladybiker night foodie tour! Ate some high grub in street food and didn’t get sick at all!🤗
Lang co beach and the tail end of my awesome motorcycle adventure!
A bunker off the side of the Hai Van Pass.
Bunker in the demilitarized zone on way between hoi an and hue - a stop on motorbike adventure!
Me at my khe. Ciya in Da Nang.
The morning if my birthday spent with Ciya. Then I boarded my motorcycle with helmet and was off!

24 October 2017

My night out in Hoi An with Ciya who I met at the airport! He helped me ring in my birthday!
Cruise over, back to Hanoi and off to Hou An. Almanity. Missed my massage
Sampan and caves in Halong, Cat Ba Island.

23 October 2017

Kayaking and dinner.
Halong Bay amazing!
Luxury cruising with Orchid Cruise Lines.

22 October 2017

A short night in Hanoi before my cruise! I broke own and got an iced coffee.
Silver Waterfall. Lots of stairs. Legs still wobbly from my trek the day before.
A hike to Love Waterfall.

21 October 2017

My 15km private guided trek with the Sapa Sisters Tours - my guide was super sweet. And the hike kicked my ass but was totally worth it.

20 October 2017

Sapa at night.
Sapa Dragon Hotel. Treated like royalty.
Took some running around and a lot of stressin’ but finally found my VIP limousine. Massage feature was nice!

19 October 2017

Arrived! Now where’s my luxury van?

18 October 2017

The journey begins!