United States of America · 6 Days · 13 Moments · May 2017

Karen & Mike's journey to Boston Ma.

26 May 2017

We didn't stop and didn't stop in every state we drove through, but tried to get a pic of the state signs :) We saw some beautiful scenery also.

25 May 2017

We headed home on Thursday, we left around 9:30. We decided to go a different way home, so we could see different scenery. It started out good, we saw some great old houses, and everything was so green. It's their spring, as so many trees, bushes, and flowers were blooming. I took pics of many of them, as we don't have any like them. As we tried to go around New York and Jersey, we soon regretted our decision lol. We sat in a terrible traffic jam/accident for 3 hrs, while we traveled only 30 miles. Once we got to the came to the George Washington Bridge, we hoped it would open up but it was still slow.

24 May 2017

Wednesday at 11:15 we went on the ballpark tour, it was very interesting, as there is so much history behind Fenway Park, the oldest ballpark. After the tour, we ate a nice lunch, then we could get a autograph from A J Griffin, one of our pitchers. They also took pics of us with him, then we had a question & answer time. He was very funny when answering all our questions.
I forgot to tell about the garden pic. On top of the roof of one level they grow their own garden of greens and veggies. There used by several of their restaurants. The pic of the Green Monster wall, is the view we had from our seats.

23 May 2017

We went to the first of two games we will attend here Tuesday night. One street In front of the ballpark is normally a though fare, except a couple hours before the game. Then they close it off and have different places to get something to eat, and there was a band and a guy juggling. It was so much fun to watch. The juggler even put me in his act for a little while. Mike took a pic of it, so I'll have to add it later. Even though we were up pretty high, it was not a bad view. We were a little cold, plus the Rangers lost but it was still fun to meet new fans, and we enjoyed the whole experience.
We arrived in Boston early afternoon, to early to check into the hotel, so we drove downtown to sightsee and eat lunch. We wanted to try this fish place we saw on tv. It was called Yankee Lobster Eatery. It was small but very popular, and busy. We had a whole Lobster, as I've always wanted to try one. We drive around town admiring the architecture. They had very tall buildings, and great old brownstones.

22 May 2017

We decided to take a short road trip, to Erie Pennsylvania, we drove down to see Lake Erie. One side was a protective cove, where it was calm. There were men fishing in boats right off the shore. We saw women bicycling, and skate boarding, along the paths, it was a very peaceful and calm area. On the other side was the open lake. It was a very windy day, so the waves were really coming in to the shore, but pretty in a different way.
We stopped at another rest stop as we crossed over Pennsylvania state line. They have very pretty flowers and shrubs we don't have in Texas.
We stopped at a rest stop. It was very clean and green:) it's 55 degrees, and Mike is still wearing his shorts :)

21 May 2017

We saw the St Louis arch, but Mike ok the pic, I'll have to add it later. I did get one of us entering Ohio. :)
The first rest night we stopped in Springfield Mo. we may never t f gotten as far as we want d, but hopefully will do more the second day. Hi scenery was very pretty in Oklahoma , and Missouri.

20 May 2017

We left our house around 10:30, after having to turn around and get something we left :). It was a good thing we were not very far away We just crossed over the Oklahoma border, approx 104 miles from home. It's very cloudy, with a few sprinkles earlier, but it's stopped now. We're very excited, Let the adventures begin!!