United States of America · 119 Days · 91 Moments · May 2017

Sailing from NC to Pensacola FL

30 August 2017

Well, the end of an epic journey has come. This is what sailors look like after two months and 1400 miles of hard work on the water and no haircuts☠️. I would like to thank all who have followed us and supported us on this adventure. We hope you enjoyed our candid and, at times, truly spectacular moments. Best regards to all. Until next time, Camelot - out.

29 August 2017

This has been a massive undertaking. Roughly 1400 miles from start to finish at 2-3 knots gives a new appreciation for the east coast. We are only about 20 miles out from the Fort Walton Beach yacht club and slowly bringing this epic journy to a close. I know there will be many new journeys ahead and Captain Karen will skipper us off to some amazing adventures in the future. Thanks for sharing this story with us. This is Joel lukens on sailing vessel Camelot, signing off.

28 August 2017

27 August 2017

26 August 2017

24 August 2017

23 August 2017

18 August 2017

Finally- getting some sailing in🌈☘️

14 August 2017

The view from our anchorage tonight.

13 August 2017

Drinks after the long crossing of Lake Okeechobee

12 August 2017

Went through our first lock on the Okeechobe water way yesterday, the St. Lucie Lock. Cool experience. We have to go through five lock systems on this waterway. There was a manatee stuck in the lock with us.

11 August 2017

Dinner ashore in Salerno, Florida and waiting out a brutal downpour before we row back to the sailboat

10 August 2017

The stark reality after a month and a half on a sailboat. I feel like Tom Hanks from Castaway.

7 August 2017

Spent two prior days at the Eau Gallie Yacht Club. During maintenance, the bronze post on the raw water strainer broke. We had to run around town collecting parts to make the repair.

4 August 2017

Have been anchored out for the last four days. Needed to get some work done on the boat. Should be back under way tomorrow morning

28 July 2017

27 July 2017

24 July 2017

We are in Florida!!! Fort clench greeting us as we move into Florida and horses on the Georgia coast as we left.

23 July 2017

22 July 2017

Okay- we ran aground today in a very difficult part of the ICW. We were in Jekyll Creek, GA, near day marker #19. The pictures are a progression, as the tide was going out. We were"Hi and dry" for nearly 7 hours. With much effort by the crew(namely Joel).we were able to get Camelot off the dreadful shoal and into deeper waters. A very stressful day indeed.

21 July 2017

20 July 2017

17 July 2017

Second storm blowing through the ICW in the last 24 hours. Got underway at 0630 this morning, but had to set an emergency anchor at 0830. Waiting for the cell to blow through.

13 July 2017

This is the ship that was parked in front of us last night. She is approx 120' - massive boat. The owners showed up this morning for the water festival and took off.

11 July 2017

Well we are into the Atlantic holding about 3 miles off shore and hope to stay the course to skip Georgia entirely before coming to land in Florida fingers crossed.

10 July 2017

Today we have had an eventful day. There was a sea turtle by our boat, a lightning storm we could almost touch that fortunately never touched us and to end it all the way it began these two dolphins have stayed right by our boat. For hours now our friend stumpy and seven have entertained us. Stumpy has a partial dorsal and seven surfaces every seven seconds. Watching Captain Ron now.

9 July 2017

Another sunset on the ICW. Church Creek, SC. Oh, and Deluxe Mac-n-cheese for dinner. We had a couple of dolfin drop in for a visit during dinner.

7 July 2017

This voyage is a labor of love. At times exhausting and challenging. We have to learn new skills on the fly and constantly adapt to new and dynamic events that can be sudden and stressful. We are equally humbled by the amazing people places and events we are able to experience, most of which have to be personally experienced to have any understanding of the majesty this world has to offer. My adventure buddy Aunt Karen is the greatest.

6 July 2017

An early birthday dinner splurge at the Fish House, which is part of the Charelston Harbor Marina and Resort in South Carolina. After dinner, took a swim and then had a night cap. What a great day. Tomorrow will be spent provisioning and maintenance on Camelot.

5 July 2017

After our long grounding today, we had some fresh fish, with spinach and home canned carrots for dinner. Great day!
Ran the boat aground in McClellanville, SC. Have been sitting around for a couple of hours for the tide to change. At least we have some company.

4 July 2017

3 July 2017

A couple of great days under our belt sure feels good. Slept great in this swamp on the roof of the boat. I'm a swamp rat, poor Aunt Karen this heat is not so kind to her.

2 July 2017

Very warm night in a cypress swamp. 10 hours of motoring. It's 82 degrees out with 82percent humidity- and no air conditioner. Not much sleep for me tonight
Scenes from another day on the Atlantic ICW

1 July 2017

30 June 2017

Cruising the ICW between Southport, NC and Calabash Creek, SC. Good times.
Just a common mosquito 😳☠️

29 June 2017

We are back to the boat. Today was busy getting all the preparation done to make way tomorrow. I have cleaned the propeller on the boat here at the marina, I must say under water is not this places good side. Less than one foot of visibility I was certainly afraid of what I could not see...over came my fear and got the job done. Good night
Under way now for two hours. With any luck, we will make SC tonight.

22 May 2017

Yes, there was a truck attached to that trailer- it was down in the trees.
8-9 miles past traffic jam no.2, we hit no.3. Crazy day.
The culprit.
Same freeway, different traffic jam. The travel gods are shitting all over us on this trip. We would likely have made better time overall if we had been in a horse drawn wagon😳😫
The view from theoverpass😬
Left the boat today headed south on hwy 95. There is an accident up-ahead. Have been waiting for an hour. Just found out the delay could take up to 4 hours. Taking a detour

21 May 2017

1926, 104' "Trumpy" the sister yacht to the presidential yacht, Sequoia. The team is making a delivery to the new owners. Incredible. This boat is tied up 30' down the dock from us😳

19 May 2017

Misc photos
Sad to say this is the last port on this leg of the trip. Rental car will pick us up Monday for a short trip back to Florida before returning to resume our trip on the water. The water is where I am supposed to be, this trip has been full of challenges that have made me cuss and bleed but this adventure is one of a lifetime to say the least. And skipper Karen is great to sail with. I could talk for hours and not express how at home I feel on this amazing boat. Tho I can't wait to see my mom and my dogs my heart is with this boat.
0600 departure. Water is like glass. Beautiful morning on the water🌈🍾

18 May 2017

Morning successful. We are safe for the night, Captain worked hard today as you can see.
Finally under way once again. Will be mooring in Carolina beach tonight. Good times

17 May 2017

Day is over good night.
Motor is running sun is shining and Aunt Karen is cooking me dinner for all my hard work life is good.

16 May 2017

Today was another test for us. Had $616 in repairs done on the boat. We were happy to get under way again. About a mile out, the boat died. We dropped the anchor and worked the problem. Seemed like the engine was not getting fuel, so we changed out both fuel filters. They were awful! Engine started, but died again. Got towed back to Seapath Yacht Club. Then the job of pulling out the fuel tank began. Another update tomorrow. Wish us luck.
Under way for a mile then the boat rebellion began again. Turned some wrenches under anchor hoping to fix our failed motor, nope. Pulled the fuel tank tonight will clean it and re install in the morning.

15 May 2017

Cool day at the marina hung out with our boat mechanic and the owner of the yacht club nice to have free beer.

14 May 2017

13 May 2017

Another day gone. Motored all day on the AICW. Lots of Osprey, two dolfins and we lost a boat bumper 😳
Arrived at our camp site for the evening. The view from the boat at Mile Hammock N.C.
Good day on the water.
Nice cold day for a sail
Finally underway 0700

12 May 2017

The electrician working on the boat yesterday

11 May 2017

Our boat side aquarium.
This elusive bird has been taunting me to take a picture all day, every time I pull out the camera it gets shy.
Went to dinner at a sushi place last night. Needless to say, Joel and I are sick today. No sailing for us😫
Breakfasts at Grumpy's Diner. Best corned beef hash EVER. The bicycles in the photo have been our transportation. Cool town, Morehead City.

10 May 2017

Collection of pictures from the begining of our trip until now.
Met some neighbors in the sailboat nextdoor we gave them some beer they gave us some awesome looking chocolate.
Anchor stowed safely, sail in working order and water hose on engine repaired. We are back in business.

9 May 2017

Towed from Bogue Inlet to Moorehead City, NC. Got to a dock at 0500 hours.

8 May 2017

So many amazing moments and trying adventures already on this trip. Can't wait to see what's next!
Yesterday started out great. Perfect weather, small seas. But we got too comfy. Here Joel is at 0200 hours the following morning, as we are being towed in from the Atlantic Ocean because our rigging system and our engine failed. Will have to layover a couple of days for rest and repairs.

7 May 2017

Sunset on Core Creek, NC

6 May 2017

Fun at the North Carolina Aquarium with family

5 May 2017

Sail boat art by Rosie 👍
Girl Pirate Power⚓️⛵️
Put Camelot into the water this morning amidst thunderstorms and a tornado warning🙀🤠

4 May 2017

0630 in Beaufort North Carolina. Drove all night to get here to pick up my new sail boat Camelot.