Malta, Italy · 6 Days · 7 Moments · October 2017

Karen's adventure in Malta

17 October 2017

An early flight back to Rome and s leisurely day at/ around an airport hotel A walk and swim at the beach ( barely could call it a beach but the water was calm and clean. A long chat with a traveller from Lyon and finished the day with an excellent meal - you picked your own meat/ seafood and it was cooked to order. Shared the meal with a couple at the adjoining table celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary from New Hampshire

16 October 2017

Last full day in Malta so a trip to see an ancient site overlooking the sea - magical. They are still working out how to stop the deterioration from the elements hence the shade cloth. A leisurely stroll around the shops of Valetta before an afternoon dip in the harbour - no one else but myself and a visit to St John's church to see the Carravagio. One of the most ornate and beautiful churches I have visited anywhere and caught the changing of the guard at the palace on the way back

15 October 2017

The Grand Palace was truly impressive - hard to believe what is hidden behind the external walls. Although armoury is not my think there was an impressive collection. It had to happen - a wrong bus meant I took a verrry long route to the seaside fishing town of Marsaxlook . I then joined a small fishing boat which took us to St Peters pool for an afternoon dip before returning to the harbour for a sunset dinner of the local fish.

14 October 2017

A visit to the old capital of Malta, a late afternoon cruise around the harbour and a visit to neighbouring city for the annual lantern festival.... what more could you want

13 October 2017

A boat trip in beautiful sunshine down the Maltese coast and across to neighbouring Gozo before a bus trip to the capital Rabat to view the magnificent citadel - very impressive. A swim in the Mediterranean between the islands of Gozo and Camino was a highlight even if it did involve an interesting climb down the rock face - no photos of the undignified entry into the water. Finally dinner at a bistro recommended by the hotel - a Maltese specialty - ravioli filled with local ricotta and a rich tomato sauce - this was listed as a first course....

12 October 2017

Another hop on hop off bus gave a great overview of the island. A mix of amazing archeological sites, beautiful coastline, architecture old and new - fortunately many off the old residential buildings are also being restored along with buildings of cultural significance. Glad I chose Valetta rather than one of the 'newer' tourist areas - a favourite of the Brits. Finished the night with a wine at the Phonecian hotel (130 rooms - the classiest hotel in Valetta) built in the 40s but recently restored.

11 October 2017

My hotel has been a delightful surprise - one of 9 apartments in a boutique hotel - it seems I stumbled upon booking it when it had just been taken over by new owners. A wander around the neighbouring streets of Valetta before a 'free' walking tour late arvo provided a great snapshot of Valetta/Malta and its history. It was heavily bombed in 1942 when under the Brits. Valetta has been named as the European city of culture for 2018 so renos are in full swing. The city gates were recently rebuilt to Renzo Piano's design.