United States of America · 2 Days · 8 Moments · August 2017

Karen and Dennis's adventure in Hershey, PA,

18 August 2017

Wildflowers and cornfields! I picked an ear as we were leaving for New Jersey.

17 August 2017

More Gettysburg.
Battlefield and me with Babraham!
Gettysburg in the wake off white supremacists marching against the removal of a statue of Robert E Lee in Charlottesville, VA. The contrast was an eerie reminder of what was lost in the name of freedom for all.

16 August 2017

Had to have a cheese steak and stop at Paddys for Mollie and CJ who are big fans of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
New juxtaposed with the old. So beautiful
So much history in Philadelphia! Betsy Ross' home. The Capital building and Comcast
Bev got together with CJ while she was in Florida.