United Kingdom · 14 Days · 37 Moments · August 2017

Kara's voyage in United Kingdom

28 August 2017

Goodbye BBQ! Fantastic day!!!! xkx

27 August 2017

Wedding #2 xkx
Off to wedding number two xkx

26 August 2017

Covent garden xkx
Oh yeah xkx
Only in Covent garden xkx
London with Anna! Love this chick xkx
The words sardines and tin come to mind xkx

25 August 2017

So spoilt! Thanks Sara this is incredible!!!! xkx
Looks like we on holiday xkx
Chill time! Hurry up chelsea xkx
Spa day!!!!! xkx

24 August 2017

Globe with my man ;) xkx
Free tipple xkx
All the bloody food xkx
Drinkies xkx
Ally chilling out xkx
Great ride around London xkx
First stop xkx
Pedalbus through London xkx
Little tipple before the bike xkx
London bound xkx

23 August 2017

Good time xkx
Thanks a million Jenna for all your hard work! It was delicious! xkx

22 August 2017

Good old nan xkx

21 August 2017

Classy xkx
Ice cream down the beach in the rain xkx

19 August 2017

Great day! xkx

18 August 2017

Night before the wedding drinkies xkx

17 August 2017

Dinner for runt xkx

15 August 2017

Dinner with the family xkx
Drinkies on a roof top bar xkx
Tourists xkx
Lunch with Rosie! This is the best xkx
And we're here!!! xkx