Thailand, Cambodia · 24 Days · 98 Moments · December 2015

Kara's voyage in Thailand

4 January 2016

Lewis waiting for his visa! So unorganised xkx
Cambodia here we come xkx
Bit late for that xkx

3 January 2016

We really need to invest in eye masks xkx
Big arse centipede xkx
Gonna be a long ride to Bangkok xkx
Here we go again! Let's hope this is a nice boat xkx
And we're off again! Bangkok then Cambodia! Can't believe it's been four weeks already xkx

2 January 2016

I hope it's not a whole hand! xkx
Lunch! Omelette with chicken liver and kidneys! Yummy xkx
No idea where they got the name from! Big Buddha beach xkx
Holiday had to end at some point right?! xkx

1 January 2016

Fragile Lewis! xkx
Happy new year xkx

31 December 2015

Rocking it xkx
Mental! xkx
PARTAY!!!!! xkx
Getting ready for the NYE party xkx
Just handed back this little gem after two days exploring island! You've served us well! Well done to Lewis for keeping me alive! We win at life xkx

30 December 2015

Random xkx
Getting here was tough! xkx
All stocked up xkx
Shopping xkx

29 December 2015

Started raining so we had to dive in the nearest place.... Phew, they have beer xkx
As if this is less than 60p!!! xkx
Own private pool! Worth the trek! xkx
Waterfall 2 EPIC!!!! xkx
Now that's a waterfall xkx
Day of exploration :-) xkx
There's nothing original about this place! Just over priced and westernised xkx

28 December 2015

This is most definitely about to happen xkx
Our pool right outside our apartment xkx
Our shopping for the week xkx
Think Lewis has a thing about Grey tshirts ;-) xkx

27 December 2015

Dinner a'la Lewis! xkx
There is no bloody way this is legal xkx
Another crappy boat journey but we're here xkx
All qualified and on the move again! Koh Samui here we come!!! xkx

26 December 2015

Two tired little bears after another day diving, back for 40 mins then out for our night dive xkx
Lewis copying my work again xkx

25 December 2015

Enough for three of us :-) couldn't have worked out better xkx
We get to take ours away xkx
Cinders doing her chores before the ball xkx
Hand made presents are the best xkx
Private pool! xkx
Great view xkx
Christmas Day chilling xkx
Not really smoked salmon and Buck's Fizz but I couldn't be happier right now xkx
Merry Christmas from Koh Tao :-) 🎅🏾⛱🎄🎁xkx

24 December 2015

Little game of pool for some Xmas cheer xkx
Two happy open water divers :) xkx

23 December 2015

Lewis trying to fix his phone xkx
Tropical paradise?! Lewis needed to try out his brow scuba gear xkx
No diving because ze Germans are scared of ze lightening! So we'll be doing this most of ze day! xkx

22 December 2015

Lewis getting all the gear ;-) xkx

21 December 2015

Evening beer by the sea xkx
10 hours in the water will do this to ya xkx
Revision xkx
Half way through day one! Hard work xjx
Lewis is happy with his cornflakes and milk for breakfast ;-) xkx

20 December 2015

Dinner time, on the beach by moon light xkx
Star pupil xkx
Just about to get started! So excited xkx
Just outside our home for the nxt week xkx
Found a little swing on the beach xkx

19 December 2015

This is what today has involved, bar crawl 1 Kara 0 xkx

18 December 2015

Lunch on the beech!? Go on then xkx
We're here! Not sure we signed up for rain and clouds but it's still hot!!!! xkx
Finally after 11 hours were on our boat to Koh Toa xkx

17 December 2015

Not gonna lie... When I asked what was in American fried rice and was told, rice, egg, chicken, pork and sausage. I didn't really expect rice fried in tomato ketchup with a sausage and a chicken nugget and fried egg on the top, what the hell, tastes ok xkx
Some dude casually doing yoga in the train station xkx
Had a hard day shopping, now for some beers xkx
Just having a mooch around the local park and this joins us!!! xkx
Another night on the sleeper train. How it takes 13 hours to go 351 miles I will never know xkx

16 December 2015

Here we go again, back to Bangkok for the day before heading to Koh Tao! Can't tell you how excited I am about becoming a licensed diver!!! xkx
Cooking class and market tour xkx

15 December 2015

Eating and drinking out of a camper ;-) xkx
All done after the white water rafting and bamboo rafting xkx
Elephants xkx
This is what I am talking about xkx
Breakfast time xkx

14 December 2015

Chilling by the fire xkx
Makes the trek/cliff climbing totally worth it xkx
Proper trekking xkx
Casually sliding down a waterfall xkx
Finished lunch, just letting it go down before our trek xkx
Chilling at a local market before our trek xkx

13 December 2015

Good god I am in heaven! Can we take them all?! I'll swap lewis if i have to?! xkx
Better than a kebab after some beers xkx
Having a few well earned drinks 😜 xkx
Chilling at the hostel after 5 days of non stop and on the go xkx
Our hostel In Chiang Mai! xkx
We're here! Slightly disheveled but here! xkx

12 December 2015

Our little home for the night 😴😴😴 xkx
Not entirely sure how we're supposed to sleep on the 'sleeper' train! xkx
Our trip to the floating market xkx

11 December 2015

A nice nine hour bike ride around Bangkok xkx