Australia and Oceania, Asia · 1030 Days · 546 Moments · February 2016

Kara's voyage in Australia

12 December 2018

Lewis really wanted this shaker xkx
Cider!!!! xkx
Bucket of corona please xkx
Brissy for the day with this beauty xkx

11 August 2018

Out for dinner with some friends xkx
Lewis making men at the beach xkx

17 March 2018

Down at the waterhole xkx

16 March 2018

Camping xkx

23 November 2017

Finally a day off together to get some sun! xkx

16 November 2017

Happy hour xkx

15 November 2017

Chilling with my homie xkx
Here we go again ;) xkx
Dolphins and pelicans xkx

14 November 2017

Kayaking in Hervey Bay xkx

13 November 2017

Too much excitement xkx

12 November 2017

We saw one xkx
On platypus watch!!! xkx
Someone needs to learn to eat xkx

11 November 2017

Now for a tan after our scuba xkx
On route to the reef xkx

10 November 2017

Here we are again xkx

9 November 2017

We're off xkx

1 November 2017

60c wings xkx

22 October 2017

This is the best xkx
It's happening. Xkx

10 October 2017

Nice BBQ after a days graft xkx

2 October 2017

Date night xkx
Drinkies xkx

25 September 2017

Heating up nicely ckx

15 August 2017

On flight entertainment xkx
Still have another 14 hours to go!!!! xkx

14 August 2017

Lewis is too sleepy for drink! I'll help him out xkx
Got me some duty free goodies xkx
Pre flight beverage xkx

19 July 2017

Nice little 8.8 hike up the second largest volcanic mountain xkx

2 May 2017

Lovely walk on our day off together xkx

14 April 2017

Good Friday giggles xkx

21 March 2017

Woohoo xkx

17 March 2017

For you grandma, our St Patrick's night at work xkx

15 March 2017

He's changed his position. All this sleeping must be exhausting xkx
The morning after xkx

14 March 2017

Slowly deteriorated. xkx
Not looking so fresh now xkx
Two beers and the boys tipsy xkx
One of our fav places xkx
In bloom xkx
Date day! Off to brissy to have some beers and watch some comedy xkx

8 March 2017

Lewis was devastated to realise this was a clock ship and not a German bar xkx
Not ideal at the half way point xkx
Cameron falls are a little dry at the moment xkx
Back in the mountains xkx

5 March 2017

Lewis wasn't a fan xkx

1 March 2017

Lewis hard at work xkx

28 February 2017

Lewis and his new toys xkx

22 February 2017

So lovely. Thanks Sara and Paul xkx

20 February 2017

Needed a top up 😂 xkx
Now we're talking xkx

16 February 2017

Looks like a blokes den xkx
Boys doing good xkx
We have our priorities in order xkx
Lewis has his work cut out xkx

15 February 2017

Two tired bears with a lot of shopping xkx

11 February 2017

What an awful view xkx

8 February 2017

Sleeping in the Tv room because our bloody tent is drowning in rain water xkx

4 February 2017

I am so confused how we ended up in this old timers bar. There's actual line dancing xkx

2 February 2017

Shhhh and Sara have just left and we are feeling very sad after an absolutely fantastic couple of weeks! It's gone too quick for our liking xkx
Pauls 'making bacon' xkx
Today we are chilling out round the pool, Sara's last chance to fill up on her tan. Can't believe how quick it's gone these few weeks. It will be very sad to say good bye for now xkx

1 February 2017

Great tour xkx
The XXXX tour. xkx
Lewis bulking out xkx

31 January 2017

$5 for half a litre!! This is madness xkx

29 January 2017

So after a week of luxury we are back on the road in Suzi, first stop is a free camp about 250 outside of Sydney back on our way to meet Paul and Sara in Brisbane. We just went for a walk along the jetty and found these monstrous jelly fish passing by! xkx

28 January 2017

Couldn't fault the trip to Uluru today although we ate way more food than was necessary for one day. The guys that ran the tour were absolutely great people with a heap of knowledge. If only there was slightly less annoying flies! xkx
Pictures of Uluru taken at different intervals as the sun was setting. xkx
Beautiful water hole that locals years ago would have walked for days to get to. No bathing allowed as water is too precious xkx
A few more pictures from our Uluru tour today. We've been up since 05.00 and the best is unbelievably hot but so far it's been absolutely worth it. Now we are off for our sunset BBQ with the view of Uluru. xkx
Walpa gorge walk before Uluru xkx
Already been driving for 4.5 hours and we've only just got to mount Connor, apparently a lot of people mistake it for Uluru... you'd be gutted if you'd driven for this long and went back with the wrong pictures and incorrect memories. The heat to Sara's delight is absolutely blistering hot! xkx
Our maniac coach driver has just slammed his breaks on and gone and picked his little man up. He was trying to cross the road! Mental. xkx

25 January 2017

Went on an evening cruise with the Sydney tall ships and it was very enjoyable. Tom the host was very entertaining and the food and drink was lovely xkx

24 January 2017

Boys and their drinkies xkx
Lewis birthday memory, I think we may have found a new hobby. Although we were still pretty wobbly I think it's something we could get better at quite quickly xkx

23 January 2017

Looks like we've worn the kids out today!!! xkx
The blue mountains for some nice walks and some fantastic views!!! Good effort team, they're was some steep hills and a lot of bloody stairs xkx

22 January 2017

Great day so far with our own personal guide around the opera house, great choice Sara!!! Now for a little drink to wet our whistle xkx
Yippee they have arrived xkx

20 January 2017

Today we have decided we are having our monthly duvet day ;) haven't had it since cairns and the weather is a bit useless today so it's pod casts and sweeties xkx
When you leave your donut BF alone with your phone xkx

19 January 2017

Feeding the wild life is very frowned upon but we just love them so much. 😍 We've just got to our camp spot for the night and the weather is shocking, I really hope it gets better before Sara and Paul get here on Sunday. xkx
After 11 months (8 months making memories and saving money in melbs) we have made it back to Sydney!!! The entire coast of Australia!!! We've seen some of the most magical sights and had the best time! We've also managed to not kill each other (just!) from diving with sharks, to sky diving and not to mention all the people we've met on the way! I can happily say 2016 was well and truly my year! Now to try and top it in 2017 xkx

18 January 2017

Can't get enough of this amazing wild life xkx
Saw this Little beauty this morning. xkx
On our way to Sydney and we came across this lovely little free camp spot, so well maintained by the local lions club (which I think is a little like beavers of scouts) the shade from the tall trees was ideal for the hot sun at 0630 this morning. xkx

17 January 2017

Stopped in at Byron bay today, went for a swim in the sea then took a walk to the light house where we had this Beautiful view... if you zoom in on the sea pic you can see dolphins 🐬 riding the waves, it was so beautiful to see, we were very lucky indeed xkx

14 January 2017

Loving todays trip xkx
Such a tourist xkx

13 January 2017

Great day on all the rides and seeing the entertainment!!! Now for a cider and chill around the pool xkx
Warner bros parade xkx
Today's outing xkx

12 January 2017

Dolphins are super intelligent xkx
These guys are impressive xkx
Lewis in his happy place xkx
This is insane xkx
Waiting for the jet ski stunt show xkx
All the penguins xkx
Sea world xkx

11 January 2017

Been a long day. Drink is required xkx

10 January 2017

We need to do this more often xkx
Mountain climb for today done xkx

9 January 2017

Cat cuddles xkx
Casually walking the cheetah xkx
Robert Irwin feeding big Al xkx
Feeding time xkx
Too close for comfort xkx
Big Al! xkx
The Irwin family xkx
Massive bird xkx
So Americanised xkx
Sleeping beauty xkx
These guys!!!!! xkx
Today's outing xkx

8 January 2017

Catching some waves xkx
Practically heaven xkx
Completely spoilt at a friends place for a few days xkx

7 January 2017

Safest flight ever! Said no one ever xkx
Waiting for our private plane off our desert island xkx

6 January 2017

Catch and cook xkx

5 January 2017

Camp fire xkx

4 January 2017

Tonight's catch xkx
Mud crabs for dinner xkx
Practically glamping xkx
Our home for the nxt three nights xkx
This pilot was a legend xkx
Pretty views xkx
And we're off xkx
The wildlife never stops blowing my mind xkx

3 January 2017

Two in the boot when it's raining outside xkx

1 January 2017

Lewis little friend xkx
New year spring clean xkx
Everyone must be feeling the effects of last night still, we're the only ones round the pool xkx
He always seeks them out xkx
Is it too early?! 0532 xkx
Thinks he's a raver xkx
0345.... surely it's bed time?! Ok one more xkx

31 December 2016

Less than ten mins of the best year of my life!!!!! Here's to the nxt xkx
Not long now xkx
Magnums for new year xkx

30 December 2016

Lewis has found his daily entertainment xkx
Too cute xkx

27 December 2016

The best few days away xkx

26 December 2016

Sunset xkx
Boat life xkx
Our very own pirates. xkx
Storm be brewing xkx
Amazing xkx

25 December 2016

This is so different for Christmas xkx
We have a white Christmas xkx

24 December 2016

Lewis needs to give himself a Christmas makeover and his hair clippers have broke 😳 xkx

22 December 2016

Such a beautiful couple xkx
Airlie beach is pretty beautiful xkx
So much for no more work this year xkx

21 December 2016

So many beautiful wild horses xkx
8km and we're here. It's pretty beautiful. Just 8km back to the car xkx
Bush walking xkx
No idea how he's still in the sweat box! It's boiling in there xkx

19 December 2016

Who'd have thought we've been on the same trip xkx
Great view xkx
Arvo drinking xkx

18 December 2016

This was the best, even if I do look petrified xkx
So today this happened xkx

17 December 2016

This guy xkx
Chilling round the pool today xkx

16 December 2016

Time to tan the front xkx
Wine tasting xkx
Cutest police station xkx
Sugar cane trains are epic!!! 86 carriages xkx
Poor mans breakie xkx

15 December 2016

Well deserved xkx
Rafting on the Tully xkx

14 December 2016

Seriously cheap and tasty dinner. Not so healthy mind xkx
Millaa millaa falls xkx
Dinner falls xkx

13 December 2016

Day in the car listening to pod casts by the look of things xkx

12 December 2016

Beautiful turtle on the GBR xkx

11 December 2016

Diving th GBR!

10 December 2016

Someone is feeling the effects of last night xkx

9 December 2016

Dancing on a table in woolshed! Needs to be done xkx
Seriously too old for this shit xkx
Pub crawl, date night xkx

8 December 2016

Three hours and 10km of build up and we're finally off. xkx
Still waiting xkx
Traffic standstill as far as the eye can see xkx
Princess needs to to sheltered from the sun xkx

7 December 2016

Year anniversary! We know how to celebrate 🍻 in a truckers stop on the highway xkx
What on earth is this about xkx
Playing petrol roulette isn't the best idea in the Australian outback xkx

6 December 2016

2839km to cairns, then the hard slog of driving is done and we get to spend 6 weeks leisurely making our way to Sydney to meet Lewis parents for his bday :) please please please suzie be good to us xkx

5 December 2016

Too much for a bloody McDonald's! Hungover xkx
Cuddle time xkx
Abel xkx
Onions xkx
Frankie xkx
Fluffy wasn't so keen on Lewis xkx
Feeding Bert xkx
More crocs today xkx

4 December 2016

Not a bad caravan park! And we made it to Darwin! We are happy campers xkx
Beautiful birds xkx
And another xkx
Wowzers. xkx
These creatures are amazing xkx
Off to see some jumping crocs xkx
Spectacular jumping croc tour! xkx

3 December 2016

So many uses for this tarp xkx
Wangi pool. Beautiful xkx
No crocidilipigs in here xkx
Probably some of the biggest termite nests I've ever seen xkx

2 December 2016

Our one window it's sunny and blue skies the other is rain and lightening xkx
Beautiful xkx
Just crossed the boarder into NT and the heavens have literally opened! One side glorious sun and 39degrees and the other side 25degrees and hammering it down! xkx
So far we've manage 215km but we're still not holding our breath xkx
Three days late, a lot of money down and a new fuel pump and filter later and apparently she's fixed... I will believe it when we actually make it to Darwin. I have everything crossed xkx
Here we go again xkx

1 December 2016

Looks like its another night in halls creek. Made it 75km today after the filter was changed and we're back xkx
Not the most entertaining day xkx
Could have broken down in a better place... bullet shells on the floor aren't a great sign xkx
When the mechanic needs to get under the back seats. Whoops xkx
Garage take three xkx

30 November 2016

Wowzers xkx
Three days behind a lot of money down and a new fuel pump and a new filter later apparently she's fixed. I will believe it when we actually get to Darwin xkx
Going so slow they're hitching a ride xkx
52km to go and we're averaging less than 20 an hour... gonna be a long drive :( xkx
Breaking down in the middle of no where, no signal and no one to be seen forever! The 45 degree heat isn't helping much either xkx
Made it 150km and we've broke down again xkx
So last night we spent the night in a place called Fitzroy crossing (not out of choice, our car had broken down, it's not well known for a holiday destination, it's actually a very interesting place with a lot of raw memories. And unfortunately we'd heard some bad things and been totally warned off staying in the area. I do think every thing happens for a reason and there's a reason we broke down there, we met a lot of people and every single one was lovely. We are now back on our way with a car that seems to be working and we spent the night in a lovely caravan park met a couple of lovely people and we have good memories of Fitzroy crossing even if it wasn't planned xkx
Both very nervous after Suzie broke down yesterday and two mechanics have told us they don't know what's wrong with her... we now have 1476km to go before we reach Darwin.... if your reading this hopefully we made it xkx
Garage take two xkx

29 November 2016

When your car breaks down in a not so pleasant area xkx
818km on the same road before we turn off! xkx
When you've packed the bowls and can't get to them xkx

28 November 2016

Outdoor cinema xkx
Bargain but oh shit it's strong xkx

27 November 2016

Sampling the local brewery xkx
Such a good set up when the sun is shining and the breeze is just a breeze and not a cyclone xkx

26 November 2016

These things are ginormous xkx
I know how to look after my man xkx

25 November 2016

I am sure we don't share this sky in England xkx
Just love an Aussie sunset xkx
We have a stow away! He's heard this is where the Kewl kids are at xkx
When it's so hot and you need to try and solidify your snack size mars again xkx
Turtle beach for lunch xkx

24 November 2016

Once she'd found her spot dug her hole and laid her egg we looked at the crazy track she'd left! I am in awe xkx
She sure is taking her time xkx
Nice sunset xkx
Got our beach picnic waiting for the turtles xkx
Where the range meets the reef xkx

23 November 2016

The drive home is made a lot more difficult with these little buggers xkx
So we don't have to stand on the sand to shower xkx
I doubt anyone will appreciate how incredible this is!!! xkx

22 November 2016

Lewis took pity on the locals and gave them some water xkx
Waiting for the nesting turtles 🐢 to come ashore xkx
Exmouth beautiful Exmouth xkx
Today we caught some that are edible.... just too small still. We shall keep trying xkx
We found dory :( don't worry it went back xkx

21 November 2016

Tonight we'll be sharing these guys space xkx

20 November 2016

Camping on a beach sure does have its cons... let's be honest not many tho! xkx
Leaking car isn't a good sign xkx
Blowholes!!! Just wow! xkx
Microbial mats xkx

19 November 2016

Sat in the car watching the football with our goon ;) life is good xkx
Longest game ever!!!! xkx
Practically James Bond xkx
Lewis needs a break from all his hunting xkx
Lewis first catch! Too small to keep tho, swim free fishy xkx
Surely today is the day, more of this 🐟 and less of this 🐡 please xkx
All these guys on the side of the road and in the road xkx
Magical!!!! xkx
Dolphin feeding xkx
Right in front of the car! xkx

18 November 2016

Dinner tonight is served with a view.... in the front seats of the car ;) xkx
He hunted and he gathered... basically a lot of seaweed, three toad fish and some rocks! xkx
Hunter gatherer Lewis xkx
Canoe safari today xkx

17 November 2016

Natures window xkx
Kalbarri national park xkx
Wowzers xkx
Insane views xkx
Quad biking xkx

16 November 2016

Pictures don't do it justice but this lake is actually pink xkx
These pillars just appeared in the sand dunes! Weird xkx

15 November 2016

Lewis the quokka tamer... aka feeding them my lunch xkx
These guys xkx
Just outstanding xkx
Lewis being grumpy bum xkx
Such a tourist xkx
Off to Rottnest island for the day. Bike rides and snorkelling and the weather is glorious! xkx

14 November 2016

Plaything shirlock and trying to save the world and escape from this room xkx
After a busy day at the zoo and on our bikes these are deserved xkx
So excited to use these beauties xkx
Just waiting for him to fall ;) xkx
He's massive xkx
Talking a break xkx
Fantastic display xkx
Beautiful elephant xkx
Not quite as majestic as the orangutang xkx
On century duty xkx
A whole load of meerkats xkx
Sleeping beauty xkx
At 37 degrees today it's even too hot for the natives xkx
Lewis favourite xkx
We just love a zoo xkx

13 November 2016

Yipeeeeee beach day xkx
Catching some rays xkx
Lewis trying to fix his hangover xkx

12 November 2016

Kisses xkx
Hair straighteners ✔️ make up ✔️ cider ✔️ comedy ✔️ can only mean one thing..... date night xkx
Somehow I mange to sniff them out xkx
Whale 🐳 watching. Watching these outstanding creatures migrating back with their calf was amazing. Can you believe after giving birth some whales don't eat for over a year whilst feeding their young 600ltrs of milk a day... that'll get your pre baby body back ;) xkx
Off to see some whales xkx

11 November 2016

I can feel the platform swaying xkx
Travellers lunch, Crisp sandwich xkx
Too poor for new flip flops xkx

10 November 2016

Albany isn't renowned for its open mic nights apparently xkx
We are so unfit xkx
The brig amity xkx
Lewis found his toys xkx
These guys are crazy xkx
Good morning world xkx

9 November 2016

What a super spot xkx
Go to Australia they said, it'll be hot they said! xkx
For all your ammunition needs xkx
Lizard just casually kicking about. Just seen our first live snake too arghhhhhh! xkx
Two very poorly goon heads this morning. xkx

8 November 2016

Lewis trying to work out if you can actually spray fly spray directly into humans.... apparently not. Looks like he's gonna do it anyway xkx
It's safe to say we are not dealing well with the flies xkx
Actually our own private beach... about 30km from any real road and no one to be seen! xkx
Susie getting her monthly clean xkx xkx
Wander down the wind farm xkx

7 November 2016

Back on the goon xkx
Lewis being productive v's Kara being productive xkx
My new treat ;) xkx
All the trees look like they've had fire damage xkx
When you have to throw away all fruit and veg and there's not another shop for hundreds of kilometres xkx
Absolute nutters!!!!! xkx
Just so much road xkx
Emergency landing on the road! xkx
No matter how many times people told me this road was long and straight and there was nothing for days I didn't believe it.... about 750 KM down and still another 500 KM before we reach civilisation. xkx
Great start to the day xkx

6 November 2016

Been on the road for 9.5 hours and not seen a single house, getting some sleep before the same tomorrow. Our time is 20.00 but due to the time difference in Western Australia we've gone back 2.5 hours so actually in the car at 17.30. It's too windy and sandy for the tent tonight. xkx
Not sure you should be in the road mate xkx
The contrast in weather is insane xkx
Nothing to see apart from elephants in clouds xkx
Crazy difference from driving today. Yesterday it was struggling to reach 23 xkx
Just about to head through the boarder to WA... and apparently nows a good time for a quick snap xkx