Laos · 10 Days · 50 Moments · January 2016

Kara's trip to Laos

23 January 2016

So happy that we got to the airport had breakfast, lunch and snacks all for £5.84! Laos has been a blast! xkx
And we're off again! Good bye Laos, hello Vietnam! xkx

22 January 2016

Not such a bad way to travel xkx
Proper travellers xkx

21 January 2016

Bit messy xkx
Lewis starting his birthday week xkx
Dinner time xkx
Having a little break from kayaking xkx

20 January 2016

Pancake for pudding xkx
Free whisky?! No wonder our hostel is so busy! xkx
Watching the bats xkx
Blue lagoon xkx
Rope swing at the blue lagoon xkx
Holy cow! xkx

19 January 2016

Set up my own place xkx
This place is crazy xkx
Sure love! Just lean on me! xkx
VIP bus!? Rice, veg, waaaay more people than seats, and don't forget the chickens! And the lady nxt to me being violently sick into a carrier bag 😷 xkx
Don't wait for me Lewis ;-) xkx

18 January 2016

Flash Packers xkx
Bamboo bridge xkx
This was a very much needed cider! xkx
Bike riding in luang Probang xkx
This is the hardest thing I have done in a long while xkx
Pottery village xkx
Lewis choice today! xkx

17 January 2016

Lewis got a little girly on xkx
Someone should really explain to Lewis how flip flops work! They won't flip or flop like that xkx
The nicest waterfall yet! xkx
Bear sanctuary xkx

16 January 2016

So bloody rock and roll! xkx
Lewis alone in the pool xkx
Show me where he touched you?! xkx
Buddhas footprint xkx
Utopia! xkx

15 January 2016

There's a chance I won't sleep for a week xkx

14 January 2016

Sleeper bus to luangprabang xkx
Power cut! xkx

13 January 2016

Best views. xkx
Coca Cola bus has seen better days xkx
Drunk Lewis xkx
This is 80p xkx
Love the carpentry skills xkx
Phahahahaha gotta love Laos money! Millionaires! xkx
Drinks o'clock xkx
Well this is the cutest thing I've seen on my travels xkx
And we're back on it! Beerlao! xkx
Flashpackers! xkx