Philippines · 14 Days · 67 Moments · February 2016

Kara's odyssey through Philippines

15 February 2016

Goodbye south east Asia! Hello Australia xkx
More food and drink! Last day in south east Asia xkx
Lewis repacking v's Kara repacking xkx

14 February 2016

This is becoming ridiculous xkx
Football, women wrestlers and midget boxing! I am the best GF xkx
How am I watching football on Valentine's Day 😂 xkx
In the sleaziest bar! xkx
Valentine's meal xkx
Valentine's Lunch xkx
Smallest people on the plane... Extra leg room ;-) xkx
Hopefully Lewis isn't needed to open the exit door!
He's resourceful that's for sure! Happy Valentine's Day 😘 xkx

13 February 2016

All flights delayed again! We're currently 5 hours and still waiting xkx
So this happened xkx
So far so good xkx
In the back of a night club?! xkx

12 February 2016

Rockstar obviously doesn't know Lewis is a cat lover xkx
Lads lads lads xkx

11 February 2016

So classy! Bar 3 xkx
Lewis and Kara bar crawl xkx
Too much pizza and beer for lewis xkx
Well that was 'interesting' but we made it! xkx
Our room for the night xkx

10 February 2016

Boy did good xkx
See the concentration xkx
No complaints here xkx
One of the quietest beaches yet xkx
Trying To mimic mr bean xkx
This is more like it xkx
This could go horribly wrong xkx

9 February 2016

After dinner, then two burgers then an ice cream, Lewis still needed a bed picnic xkx
Husky in the Philippines? xkx

8 February 2016

Lewis really likes this local cuisine xkx
This is the best xkx
Awesome xkx
Lewis loves the traditional Filipino food! xkx

7 February 2016

Traveling for 15.5 hours by motorbike, boat, truck, taxi (who threw insults at us whilst driving off) tricycle, truck, airplane (5 hours later and to a different airport) shuttle bus, boat and finally another tricycle we have finally arrived to be told our beds have been given away... Silver lining, they've moved us to a different place with our own room! Boy do we need it! xkx
Smallest plane ever! Bloody propellers xkx
After our fist flight being cancelled the second one we've been moved to is delayed so we're currently running about 6 hours behind schedule! Fingers crossed the boats are running late xkx
Philippines vice president doing his PR bit xkx
Lewis in his happy place xkx
This can not be good for you xkx
Bong you are a Gem! xkx

6 February 2016

Sorry guys... Left Lewis for this Greek goddess xkx
So we order a mudslide... One would think as its a 'shot' it would come in a shot glass... Nope we'll take a 12oz tumbler please xkx
Lots of dolphins xkx
Off to see the whale sharks xkx
Its hot so early! xkx
Breakfast time xkx
So many people up at 0600 xkx

5 February 2016

So yesterday was pretty epic!!!! xkx
Lunch xkx
If anyone needs me I'll be mainly jumping off this today xkx
Hobo breakfast xkx

4 February 2016

My life is so tough at times! xkx
Alona beech! xkx
Philippines answer to tuk tuk xkx
On route to panglao for some sun sea and most importantly... Some diving! xkx

3 February 2016

Biggest hostel ever! About 100 beds pets dorm! xkx
Can't believe how hard it was to find a beer in Cebu! xkx
Whole lot of flowers xkx
Two very happy campers after being so close to missing our flight! Manila traffic was not kind to us xkx

2 February 2016

Bottled it xkx
Beyond impressive xkx
eating the local cuisine xkx
We love a locals bus xkx