Italy, Germany · 7 Days · 48 Moments · October 2016

Kara's odyssey through Italy

19 October 2016

Cheeky beer! xkx
On the plane to Hong Kong and not only is it a full flight, so no spare seats, the guy nxt to me is also occupying 20% of my seat! xkx
Having a nap before the nxt long flight xkx
It was with traveling the other side of the world to see Lewis this happy xkx
Pretzel stop xkx
Very sad that the week has come to and end.... it was so worth it to see everyone so happy. Now for our 2 days travel home xkx

18 October 2016

Drinks with the wife xkx

17 October 2016

Hard core xkx
Up to no good these two xkx
This was outstanding xkx
Beautiful buildings xkx
Doing the gondola xkx
St marks square xkx
Limoncello for afters xkx
The bridge xkx
We're here xkx
Off to Venice for the day ;) xkx

16 October 2016

Final stop.... palazzo e giardino giusti xkx
Romeos house xkx
Beautiful xkx
Lunch time xkx
Chelsea is really fond of these statues xkx
Stop 6 casa di giulietta xkx
Chelsea getting friendly with the locals xkx
Stop 5... the bar xkx
Stop 4 chiesa San fermo maggiore xkx
Exactly like the Beatles xkx
Stop three museo di storia naturale xkx
Stop two juliets tomb xkx
Today's antics xkx
Stop one... porta nuova xkx

15 October 2016

Little drink xkx
Come of cheese, as you do xkx
Drinkies xkx
Totally worth it xkx
Less than an hour!! Arghhhhhhh xkx
And we're finally on our way!!!! So excited xkx
Can't sleep because he's too excited xkx

14 October 2016

Snacks and his n hers drinks xkx
When in Rome or Verona xkx
Just a small little place xkx
Spot of sightseeing xkx
This is the result of 14 hours of drinking after 32 hours of traveling, After not seeing your Bessie for 10 months. Someone is gonna have a headache tomorrow xkx

13 October 2016

33 hours door to door but it's gonna be so worth it xkx