Cambodia · 9 Days · 27 Moments · January 2016

Kara's odyssey through Cambodia

13 January 2016

Leaving Cambodia for Laos! It's been a blast! xkx

11 January 2016

So happy ;-) xkx
Walked over 15k already so we're getting a tuk tuk home xkx
Tomb raider xkx
Angkor wat xkx
Just chilling xkx

10 January 2016

The morning after xkx

9 January 2016

This won't end well xkx
Out with these beautys xkx
Four sharing three seats! 19 people in a 13 seater! Cozy! xkx

8 January 2016

Lush sunset outside our guest house! xkx
Nice little ride around the island xkx
Making the trip over the river today xkx

7 January 2016

This is why we hate hostels! xkx
Our wheels for the day xkx
Third flight, this is gonna kill! xkx

6 January 2016

Not a bad view for £6.8 xkx
So tired! (So glad I gave Lewis control of my journi!)
Lewis trying to keep warm on the air con bus xkx

5 January 2016

Not sure how we managed it at 1600 but we've definitely walked into some sort of gentleman's club! xkx
Lewis getting chatted up left right and centre... Male and female, they don't seem to care xkx
Right now this is one of the only good things about Cambodia xkx
Some random pink iced tea xkx
So sad :-(
There is no way Lewis is riding us around on a moped here so we've hired this for the day ;-) xkx

4 January 2016

Oh dear! xkx
Doing it with the locals xkx