Fiji · 9 Days · 39 Moments · August 2016

Kara's adventure in Fiji

10 August 2016

Just about to board to head home and boy are we ready xkx

9 August 2016

The braidy bunch xkx
Now for coconut scraping xkx
Wether is so bad the boat sunk... Now every man on the island (including Lewis) is trying to retrieve it xkx

8 August 2016

Beer o'clock xkx
11.14 and its pissing it down... Only one thing for it xkx

7 August 2016

Lewis has the fastest crab and we won xkx
Crab racing xkx
Lewis found the hammock xkx
Not a bad view from our room xkx

6 August 2016

Good times xkx
This is happening xkx
Lewis decided best to take my name xkx

5 August 2016

Lewis knows how to do a Mongolian BBQ xkx
Getting my artistic juices flowing xkx
Great little bure xkx
Hot springs and mud bath xkx
Chief finishing his tropical juice xkx
Garden of the sleeping giant xkx
Dancing ladies xkx
Old mans beard xkx
Personal tour and funny clothes xkx

4 August 2016

Holly Molly!!!! This is epic xkx
Cracking view xkx
Dinner at rhum-ba xkx
Date night xkx
It's midday somewhere in the world xkx
Lewis has decided he can tan from his bed so won't be moving today xkx

3 August 2016

Fire show xkx
Date night xkx
First dive done. Now to try and find some sharks xkx
Chilling before scuba diving xkx
Just in case the sea is too far to walk xkx

2 August 2016

Pudding xkx
Our accom xkx
We're here! Tired but safe and sound xkx

1 August 2016

Security was intense... This beer had been earned xkx
Checking in xkx
Lewis doing the packing ;) xkx