Japan · 10 Days · 13 Moments · November 2017

Kamryn's tour through Japan(Tokyo and Osaka)

19 November 2017

Cousins “r” us!!
Here are some other aquarium stuff.
This is a candy that says hello and we got to watch two people make it.
Coming back home!!!

17 November 2017

On our way to Japan! I’m so excited.We are going to see shrines and temples.We get some delicious food. We also get to play on a screen that is on the chair in front of us.

15 November 2017

We got to go to Osaka Castle and see cool sights and saw a cool moat around the castle. We rode a trolley around the park to the castle.

14 November 2017

We got to go to the aquarium and got to see two whale sharks and some other cool animals.

11 November 2017

Hello Disney sea and world!!! We got to go on some rides and it was cool! One of the coolest rides was 20,000 leagues under the sea. It was cool because we went 20,000 leagues under the sea and saw water aliens.

10 November 2017

This is a shrine in Tokyo called Sensoji. The temple became idependent after world war ll . It is Tokyo’s oldest temple.
We were at the Tokyo skytree and it was about 2,080 feet high and the second tallest tower in the world. It is 634 meters tall also know as mu(6)sa(3)shi(4) (musashi).

9 November 2017

We also got to see a gorilla,bats,some cool birds,a polar bear, and seals.
We got to see some pandas,elephants,owls,a wooden chipmunk,lion,tiger,monkey,and peacock.
First place,Ueno Park. We got to go to the Ueno Park Zoo and see some cool animals. We were at the little Fountain and the park to see where Aunty Ashley and Uncle Eric got engaged.🐼⛲️