South America, North America · 36 Days · 37 Moments · June 2016

Kamila's odyssey through Ecuador

20 July 2016

Almost home

15 July 2016

I braided my own hair and saw a cute dog!

14 July 2016

Saw my two favorite Sofis today

11 July 2016

Yum ❤️🍪

9 July 2016

Some light reading

8 July 2016


7 July 2016

Helado de paila with a view

6 July 2016

Home finally and looking at pictures 🏔🏔
Well that's the summary of our eight hour hike around and up the mountain! My feet hurt but it was a blast🐝🐾
Hiking up the mountain 🌲🌲🌲🌲
More pasochoa
On way to pasochoa!

3 July 2016

Chicken in a tree
Te extrañamos ❤️

1 July 2016


27 June 2016


26 June 2016

More donkey pics!! The baby likes to follow me 😹

25 June 2016

My hair is terrifying bc of the humidity
Playing Quena
I can cook noodles seasoned to perfection! I am so prepared for college.

23 June 2016

My three instruments. My progress on the ukulele has been very good since I play everyday. Quena has been fun to learn and learning to play has taught me how much I enjoy not only hearing music, but playing it. I can get a clear sound out and can play a few simple scales. Admittedly I have not touched the flute except for once on this trip (sorry Sue) but it's only because it's hard to play without a stand. Although, boredom will probably get the best of me and I will soon begin to play. These five weeks to be the opportune moment to become well versed in ukulele Quena and flute. 😎

22 June 2016

La Ronda- yesterday
La cuesta de la muerte. We have to go up and down it every time we want to leave the house. It's extremely steep and long but at least the adorable burritos make it less of a burden.

21 June 2016

I sleep with this hat on bc it's so cold.
View from my window

20 June 2016

The best parts of Ecuador honestly.

18 June 2016

These were all from yesterday and the day before because sadly I caught the stomach bug, which was to be expected, but these were cool photos anyway so here they are. The dogs come and go throughout the day. The donkeys aren't ours but the cows are! It's really a plethora of animals here.

17 June 2016

Miss you mom

16 June 2016

I cleaned too ... Yay

15 June 2016

Still catching up on sleep so I didn't do much. Tomorrow for sight seeing!

14 June 2016

Landed safely in Quito... Time for the adventures to begin.
Take off!