Botswana · 7 Days · 16 Moments · April 2017

Kalyan's adventure in Botswana

4 May 2017

Today our last night at Nxai Pan. Most amazing thing was the sunset and the giraffe. Our car was positioned in such a way so that against the sun we could take the pictures. Crimson red sun in the background with this magestic animals was mind blowing. Apart from that we searched for the big cats but our luck didn't favour. Afternoon had lunch in the camp. Took some pictures​of elephants bathing. Tasted baobab fruits. It's sour. Tomorrow's heading for our final destination central Kalahari.
Second day at Nxai Pan. Started early the game drive. It was cold in the morning. Could see the giraffe, elephant,springbok, kudu, zebra ,lots of birds. We tried to see lion but they could not be located. In the evening witnessed elephants having mud bath.
Leaving Magadigadi Pan. Early morning drive. We could hear noise of the zebra at night. Started doing some off roading to reach the Zebra . Very treacherous roads. Awesome sight of Zebra​ migration. More than 4K zebra crossing pan . Heading for Boteti river. Then started for Nxai Pan . Long journey to reach. On the way did some game driving at Boteti river . Mainly elephants. Went to see Baines baobabs. Pan still filled up with water. And the trees have leaves with pods. Witnessed a couple got their​ car stuck at the pan . Then drove to our new camp site. It's a beautiful one below the trees. But not much animals in Nxai Pan.
Third day at Magadigadi Pan . Early morning start. Looking for the zebra group. Had long drive. Small beautiful natural water holes with birds. Very good capture of ground squirrel. Reached the main pan . Awesome feeling. It's white huge with no ends . Tried to see meercat ,but hard luck. Saw birds like pelican,storks. Came back for late lunch. Had barbeque chicken at dinner.

3 May 2017

Second day at the Magadigadi Pan. Morning at lodge . After breakfast we proceeded for the bushes. First we went for the Quila . Saw lots of them besides Boteti river. In swarms . Awesome sight. Next did game drive along the Boteti river. Lots of big elephants. Crossing the the river. Playing. Had our lunch besides the river in full view of the elephants. Post lunch drove towards our camp site at Tree island. It's just in front of the pan . Reddish water in the pan . Golden sunset over the pan . Most noticing is the drive from Boteti to the camp site . The character of the plants change from bigger to shrubs to grass land as one moves interior. Few oryx are present. Camp site is nice below the trees. We have our own tents with separate washing zone. Night sky filled with stars.
It's been 4 days in the bushes. awesome experience . To start with First day at the Magadigadi Pan . Elephants taking bath in a water hole. We were so near . One elephant was too inquisitive of us , it came doing mock charges within handshake distance. Blue sky with beautiful sunlight the experience was amazing. Did good photos. Then slowly drove along the Boteti river the lodge Lodge was beautiful with old world charm. Just besides the Boteti river. River looks blue with numerous birds. Special to mention is the Quela. They are in millions making Waves when they fly . Different patterns against the sun . Tried to get some pictures . Sunset over the Boteti river was very nice. Dinner was fixed . With wine.

2 May 2017

1 May 2017

29 April 2017

First time entered Makadikadi national Park. Most notable thing was watching elephants drinking water from close. Even one elephant came within 1metre of our car. Fascinating experience. Also observed the elephant elephant interaction. Crossed boteti River. Saw Swarms of Quila . Fascinating sunset over Boteti river. Today staying at Meno s Kwena lodge.

28 April 2017

Gaborone airport doesn't have any free WiFi facilities.
Stayed at Cresta President Hotel for 1night. Hotel service is excellent. Check in was super fast. At dinner and breakfast spread was good. Room was clean with 24hours hot water.
Transfer from Gaberone airport to the city centre was very smooth. Before leaving the country it was booked through gifa's transport by mailing we used them next day for Airport dropping also.
Did some roadside shopping at the city centre in the morning. Small temporary shops selling food,dresses,etc