Denmark · 3 Days · 4 Moments · February 2001

2001: A Weekend in Copenhagen

25 February 2001

There's nothing much to write about this day - my flight leaves so early that I basically have time to pack, have a cup of coffee, say bye to the flat mate and head to the train! It's been a nice visit to Copenhagen, and best thing is to meet a good friend there. :) --- Friends are really valuable and sometimes you don't realise how much them mean before you can't say that to them anymore. My dear friend Jani passed away in 2011 during a dive in the French Polynesia.

24 February 2001

How does one manage to put gel in one's hair if one cannot see anything from a fogged up mirror? Easy? Wipe the mirror! Unless you have just smeared your palms with the gel! Then do it blindly and imagine you look fabulous. Did I mention that the Danish doors have something against me? As Jani is already ready, he goes out to wait for me. Meanwhile I stand inside trying to open the door that resists everything I do! Nasty! And I hear Jani laughing outside again. Instead of a bus we grab the car and head to Jani's kickboxing training. He practises and I sit and watch. At some point a man comes and talks Danish to me, and I politely tell him, in Swedish, that I don't speak Danish. He apparently thinks that I still understand it as he continues! And I have no clue what he is explaining about! Luckily shortly afterwards the training is over and we can head to early lunch, and city walk with shopping!

23 February 2001

It is morning rush hour, which is noticeable only because the buses are packed) and we make our way to Jani's apartment, just a walk outside the city centre. It is apparently still in the city centre, but to me the area is not city centre. You know.. It's more residential. His new flat mate, who seems to be a nice guy, has just gotten a new computer and insists on installing W2K on it, even though we are strictly against it. And before we have changed to more comfortable clothing, the flat mate comes and asks: "Ermm, how can I format the hard drive as there seems to be some problems in the installation..." Told you! After a tour of the city, it's Chinese food from a nearby Chinese take-away and IRC; "Kalle, what does the CPH in your nick mean?" Duh.
Because I can't actually remember the last time I visited Copenhagen, it's good that Jani is meeting me at the Kastrup airport, where I am faced with a first embarrassing situation: I am boldly walking on the "nothing to declare" line and the automated doors are starting to close. Apparently the Danish doors are programmed to close completely before opening up again, so one can only stand there, looking rather cool whilst the doors close and open again. At the same time, your friend is laughing his behind off on the other side of the doors! According to Jani, it is really cold in Copenhagen! The temperature meter shows that it is -4°C! In Helsinki, it was -17°C when I arrived at the airport, so I am happy! Central Europeans (or southern Scandinavians?) can't handle winters anymore!