Finland, Norway, Ireland · 7 Days · 20 Moments · September 2017

2017: The Diva Journi to Ireland (The Sequel)

19 September 2017

From Tralee to Dublin Airport it takes approximately 3h 20min with a car. And that's where we are headed now. Back home to Finland.

18 September 2017

The Burren Perfumery is quite a magical place, and one of those which cannot really be explained in a few words. The magical part comes partially because of the Burren landscape and *poof* all of a sudden there is an oasis of a garden, with a few little buildings. Perfumery is famous for that they grow their plants and distill the oils and create soaps, creams, essential oils, perfumes... Obviously it's not the cheapest place to buy things, but if you end up spending money there, it is money well spent! And you'll be promoting local business! Plus they have tea room, which serves local food and cakes, plus teas and coffee. #Burren #BurrenPerfumery
This hotel, the Hydro, has a special place in my heart: this is where I learned to work in a commercial kitchen, and at the same time realised that work days can be busy but less stressful than nursing.
Co. Clare is like a home to me and when one can capture views like this from the moving car!

17 September 2017

As we made our way back to Lisdoonvarna to catch up with the latest in Matchmaking (but sadly Willie Daly had left when we arrived), we decided to visit my former work place, meet my former boss, and dine. Food in here is still delicious and reasonably priced! For September and the Matchmaking Festival they have a special menu, which seems to work well! Presentation of the dishes is very nice (so nice in fact that I don't manage to take photos for the dishes). And after the meal I manage to sneak into the kitchen and have a chat with my former Head Chef and rest of the gang... and I might be joining them for next year! Not bad Matchmaking!
I added the same crossing to my last journi, but as the Shannon Ferries are an extremely nice way to cross from Co. Kerry to Co. Clare (or vice versa), I think it is worth mentioning again. Especially if the weather is nice, like today. Price is 19€/car (inclusive of pax), so of course it is more expensive than driving through the tunnel at Limerick (1,90€/car), but this gives one a nice break from driving as the trip takes roughly 20 minutes. Highly recommended! #Shannon #ShannonFerries #journi

16 September 2017

Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival is definitely an experience to experience! Usually one goes out on a Saturday night expecting to find that local bars and pubs are, well, almost full. But if you arrive to Lisdoonvarna, a village with roughly 1000 citizens, and cannot find a single parking spot within a walking distance... one can already guess that this is something different. Everywhere there are people, having fun, drinking, dancing, listening to live music... the whole village is transformed to something different from anything I have seen before! And then there is Mr. Willie Daly, the Last Matchmaker. He collects your information, and what would you look in your future spouse, and can come up with some names immediately! And in case of our friend, she was asked to come back on the next day for few more candidates. #Lisdoonvarna #Matchmaking
Our car took us to Fanore for dinner. As our choice of contemporary food was closed, we ended up in a traditional pub on the other side of the road. Food was good, and tasty. And the dinner was definitely crowned by a band that played traditional Irish music! I was in Heaven! So it wasn't just food for the body, but for the spirit as well.
Some photos during the journey few days ago
This is my first time in the Rock Shop, but Jules has been here for many times back in 2014. This shop is a Must See and Visit for the people who are interested in crystals, stones, rocks, etc. And the best thing are the sales people who are very knowledgeable about the items they sell! And when you buy a stone or a crystal, they will give you the information of the properties of the stone! #Liscannor #NewAge #Crystals

15 September 2017

Glendalough, in the County Wicklow is a magical and mystical place of such natural beauty that it is hard to find words for it. I've said before that I can completely understand why St. Kevin came here to meditate and be a hermit and later on started a monastic village. The area has ruins, nature paths, creeks, waterfalls and of course Lower and Upper Lakes. I could just sit down and write by the upper lake, whilst watching the day go by.
After getting the car (withMicrosoft infused Sync that would like me to download a myriad of apps from the App Store), we drive to Dublin City Centre - via Little Britain street! I'm still undecided if the TV show is based on this street or the other way around. But funny it is anyway! The other exciting thing is the Malaysian Kopitiam! Woo! Next time have to make some time to visit it! #Kopitiam #Dublin

13 September 2017

It's pretty fantastic to be back in Dublin! It feels like ages, wait but it is!, since the last time. Actually it was in 2014 when me and Jules have been to Dublin the last time. So, we end up walking around places and when we feel a bit chilly, we have some coffee at a local Starbucks. Apparently, though, the locals are a bit fed up with the amount of Starbucks's popping up, and now that I see it, I can't ignore it - there might be two of these coffee shops facing each other and another one just around the corner - literally.
After arriving to Dublin airport, we needed to find our Airport Hopper to Lucan Village, and I had just a vague idea where it left from. Price is 9€ per person one way but that is what we need and it takes us from where we are to where we need to be. And they have space for a big suitcase! #Dublin #AirportHopper
During the flight, if you have nothing better to do, you can muse about different things. This time, when I needed to visit the little boys lavatory (truly, only little people would fit there with some comfort) I started to wonder about the call bell button. Why a waiter? Are cabin crew not more than waiters? And with some champagne in me, I took a look at the safety card. First: The man is a mutant: he shoots some kind of rays from his eyes that cause either fires or freeze things. Second: what is the second picture anyway?! Ice? If you have ice outside of the door, you cannot exit? Luckily it's soon time to land.
What better way to celebrate one's birthday than onboard a flight to Dublin! Whilst I inspected the toilet facilities of the 737-700, Jules and Shika got us champagne to celebrate my 41st! #Celebrate #birthday #YouCanTakeAManOutOfAnAircraftButYouCannotTakeAnAircraftOtOfAMan
Beforehand, when I was much younger, one got warm food onboard the flights. Now one either pays a hefty fee for better class ticket or buys something to eat from the trolley. This time, we are the sandwich. The price was a bit salty (7€) for one sandwich, but the taste definitely made up some of the price!
Welcome to Oslo Gardermoen Airport, where you can see such exotic airlines such as Ryanair. Seeing them here means that Torp must be suffering from fog. We however, are chilling out after passport control and waiting for our next flight, SK4603, to take us to Dublin. Usually I've seen a busy side of Gardermoen, but this time around it seems quite pleasantly quiet. It's good in a way, because after we pass the passport control, the area is undergoing some renovation reducing the size of the walkways and everything. If it was busy as what.. well, I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as I now do.
I've flown with #SAS many times in the past and I have to say that it still means a lot to have a cup of complimentary coffee! #Finnair and most of the other European companies have forgotten that those people who get a cup of complimentary coffee usually purchase something to go with it. But I have to say that the CRJ-900 is not exactly my choice of aircraft due to the height of the cabin, but otherwise I am quite happy with it; the seats are comfortable and there is enough room for my tummy. But one definite downgrade for SAS is to start to charge of the luggage. If you purchase "SAS Go" ticket, only hand luggage is included, and they charge 30€/way for one luggage. So in retrospect, if I had known this before purchasing the tickets, I might have gone to other flights with luggage included, especially if the price difference wasn't that much. I still have to give points to #Norwegian - their luggage is affordable!
Good #morning! My birthday and time for another #journi! After the last trip to Ireland we all were a bit down, and combined with the fact that we didn't have time to see Dublin and Nyonyah Ireland (Miss Amy), we bought tickets to travel there again. It was what... three weeks ago? And here we are again, at the Helsinki Airport where the prices are still high. This time we take SAS, who earlier on advertised that luggage is always included in their tickets but not anymore. Anyhow, it's FANTASTIC to be travelling again!