Canada · 8 Days · 29 Moments · December 2016

Kali's voyage in Mont-Tremblant, QC, Canada

4 January 2017

As it was our last night, we attempted one last touristy activity, the light show at the peace tower. We got there after a freezing walk, cold even with our bellies full of warm Ramen and soup. No lights. Despite posters advertising it everywhere and confirmation from the main info centre, there was no show. This was confirmed by the equally cold challenged RCMP officer tasked with guarding the barricades. He must be famous from all the tourists taking his pic. Thank goodness for Terry Fox. Goodbye Ottawa.
Nothing to do but to seek out more food after a brief shopping trip to the Rideau centre. Ritchie discovered a yummy ramen place, Sensotei. Gray gave it the thumbs up. Totonksu black, Shoyu and my favourite, spicy Tan Tan. I couldn't wait and dipped my spoon in the soup before the pic. Yum yum and 👅
The weather quickly turned from snow to sleet and the wind whipped up, just in time for our visit to the parliament buildings. It was impossible to see Hull across the river and the Chateau Laurier next door was barely visible. To top off our disappointment, we discovered it was too late to get tickets into centre block.
It was all about the drinks! Ella got her pomegranate pelligrino and Ritchie a brio (sign of a real Italian resto). I found out what a real macchiato is vs an expresso. The server, who was excellent!, explained the difference and that Starbucks ruined the macchiato. Then he served me a bastardized version on the house. It was yummy just like the tiramisu. I am only sorry that I did not also indulge in the biscotti b/c they looked heavenly. Loved the tip pig and the cute guys working the coffee bar. 😜
After all our hard work tromping through the slush and snow, leisurely walking through the gallery, it was time for lunch. We had the best food at la Bottega, a tiny bistro in the Nicastro fine food shop. There use to be a Nicastro shop on Gladstone, around the corner from my Bay St house.
I was so happy to find out that the show featured was Alex Janvier, an aboriginal artist. I love his work! All the colours, fine details and the circular shapes. He painted the mother and child when he was 15 years old. I wanted to buy a large print but only came home w/ a poster.
The grand entry to the gallery.
Passing by the Peace Monument by the National Gallery of Canada. Everything looks so pretty covered in hoar frost. Maman by Louise Bourgeouis is one of my all time favourite art pieces. (There is one in downtown Montreal.) I always forget the scale of it until I stand right before it. The parliament buildings a stones throw from the NGC.
Delicious French pastry breakfast at the Moulin de Provence. Famous for their Obama cookies, there were lots of Trudeau ones. Though La Belle Baguette still has the best almond croissants 😊. Wandering in the Byward market on our way to the the National Art Gallery. Past by one of my old hang outs. Doesn't look like a dump any longer.
Another frosty day, wandering around the national capital. Elgin st, war memorial and Rideau canal.

2 January 2017

Best breakfast at L'Arome. Major protein.
Hanging out in Ste Jovite before heading to Ottawa on the ice train.

1 January 2017

Action shots questionable 😜

31 December 2016

Lots of fun celebrating NYE w/ Stephanie and Alex, rest of crew at her beautiful Lac Superieur cabin. Sleigh ride the next night, not as much despite the 😜 price.
The gang before hitting the slopes for the PM. Passing the quaint church and skating pond in my walk back to the condo.
Big lunch with Timothy and Graeme at le Shack. Best spot on the hill for the view, not the food.
More goofy pics with Ella. Met up with a group of Lutins. Of course there is one of those big chairs at MT. Multitasking, driving a sleigh while catching snowflakes on your tongue.
Gray embracing being at the top. Ella's cure for cold toesies .
Ella taking a day off and hanging out with me. Wandering around checking out hotels. Fairmont, definitely the most comfy. Lots of cozy spots to park ourselves. Ella discovered an almost full size gingerbread house.

30 December 2016

Lunch break, everyone was worse than a frozen popsicle. Pics are post yummy crepes and big mason jars of hot chocolate. Definitely helped with thawing out.
Big day, everyone ready to ski. Same conditions as yesterday but less windy. G with his goofy antics. Long line up for the gondola.

29 December 2016

Hanging out on Santa's sleigh and out of the snow flurries.
Santa must have liked MT, he left his sleigh behind.
Ritchie and I decided to take a walk to the village. Even with the minor blizzard like conditions, 10 minutes to the village. We rode up the cabriolet and then took the gondola to Soleil. Not sure if the pic shows just how windy a ride it was. Visibility was also very low.
No ski day, Ella woke up with food poisoning. Not so much fun for her or us. Good thing it was a gray, windy, flurry day, in other words, not the best ski conditions.

28 December 2016

Graydon ready to dig into his Mexican crepe. Our mediterranean crepe was YUM. Too bad we forgot to snap our banana split crepe.
Chose Creperie Catherine for our first meal. It was delicious and was featured in "You Gotta Eat Here". We also tried using our bad french. Ella did a good job.
Kids perked up as soon as we landed. Giving Ottawa arrival a proper salute.
Started our Christmas break ski trip with an early morning flight. Here is how Gray was coping.