United States of America · 1 Days · 9 Moments · May 2017

Kaleiny's journi to United States of America

10 May 2017

Even if we didn't skate we had fun watching from above everyone else fall and we did laugh alot i highly recommend it its alot of fun, i you cant or are afraid to skate then just enjoy the view from above ill assure you, you will laugh and enjoy it.
This was our flight from a rainy PR to a beautiful sky in NY
This was a beautiful moment that we had at the World Trade Center Memorial Site
This is a famous Bakery that appears is a tv show we visited it its close to Time square it was very full but in all it was good and you guys should defiantly try their cheesecake its the best thing there.
You will find a variety of 99 cents pizza places. Don't let the price fool you they are really good pizzas i highly recommend them.
A place we loved, these are just some pics i forgot to add to the other moment
We went up to the Empire State Building it was super cold up there but we still took some amazing pictures there and it look impressively beautiful
We went to the Madison square garden and almost went in for a Knicks game, then we rounded up to the Penn station and took some pictures
We had alot of fun in bethel and had lunch with our wonderful brothers