United States of America · 5 Days · 6 Moments · July 2016

Kalaloch, WA 2016

25 July 2016

Monday: Walked to the lodge and got donuts for breakfast. Packed up when we got back and loaded up the cars for the drive home. I can't wait to shower!!!!
Sunday: Everyone else was leaving today, so we had breakfast and relaxed at the campsite while the others packed up. Went for a walk to the rocks on the beach with the Heidals and then they left pretty shortly after we got back. Tried to read in the beach but it was really windy, so mom and I ended up going back up to the car to get out if the wind. All of went up to the lodge and got some ice cream, and then mom and I read in the car for a while after we drove back to the campsite. Stew for dinner and then sat around the campfire until just before sunset and then went to bed since we were all pretty tired out.
Saturday: woke up and had breakfast. Then, I drove Dad and Greta over to Beach 4, so we could go on the annual beach hike. The tide was super low, so there was a ton of marine life visible in the rocks that we have had to scramble over in years past. After we got back, I read my book for a while and then I went on a 10 mile run with Pat. We went up into the logging roads, and the views from up there were amazing - ocean as far as you could see, and the mountains on the other side of the ridge. Once we finished, I read on the beach for a bit, and then we went to Ruby Beach. Jack, Mike, Wyatt, and I all dunked and then explored up the river. After we got back, I walked over to the island with some others of the crew. After that, we went back to the campsite and had dinner and went to bed.

23 July 2016

Yesterday, I went for my run on the logging roads after breakfest with mom. Afterwards, we went to beach 4 and looked around the tide pools. Hung out at camp, and then went to Forks to go to the swimming pool, shower, and get pizza for dinner. Campfire, and bed

21 July 2016

Woke up and did core since no one else was at the campsite. Breakfest once Pat woke up, and then went for a run with Wyatt on some logging trails. Beach time, dinner, and cards with the crew.

20 July 2016

Arrived at Kalaloch, got set up, shirt beach run, quick dinner, and campfire w the Heidal family