United States of America · 236 Days · 12 Moments · June 2016


19 February 2017

It was a beautiful Sunday. I wanted to go to church but my mom said no because we had a party at our house yesterday. So I ate a bagel then chilled. Then we went to tazikis and I got the same thing I normally get a grilled chicken ceasar salad and a cookie. I came home let my food diegest then I went on a really long run. In fact probably my longest run for just inside the neighborhood. It's February and it was like 80 f. Super hot and I ran in a sweatshirt so I came back had a cold shower and ate off the grill
Valentines dayyy n went to the hc to train for track wit Alicia marway Lexi chase n others. Then amyah came to pick me up n went to her house. Then I the next day my mom came n went to wawa and at night we went to Kroger so I could marway some valentines
I'm really blessed and sorry this is weird I'm trying to get all my pic from past dates. These are jus sum pic from snap chat but we'll go day to day
This day was really fun. I had went to my dads house and cj and I got subway. Then he made us go to carytown where we watched finding dory. Then we walked to sweet frog and it was really fun with them. We have good times
I ate really good this summer, thought now that school started I've fallen off the wagon💀
I can't wait for this summer! Last summer was so much fun! We did a lot and earned a lot of money
Had came back from the beach whenever and went to Ben Wallace gym to work as well as my friend olyvia house. I met her cousin Sydney and were really good friends now.

17 February 2017

Went to finnaly see granny! It was cool to see everyone, we ate, then went to see the puppies! We might get one soon then I wanted a frosty so we stopped and got one

25 December 2016

This was Christmas! It was great I got lots of great family, food, and fun. Then we went to my dads house and cj and I trained really hard instead of going to some dinner

5 September 2016

The day before school started; went to the gym early, mom came to pick me up. Then went to the mall got the last of my clothes and got ready for school

14 July 2016

Went to Va beach with my dad, cj, Clarke, and step fam. Was sooo fun. We swam and rode bike everywhere. I was really independent. My brother and I didn't want to eat at watermans so we walked all the way to sweet frog and bought 30$ worth of froyo. I can't wait to go back again

29 June 2016

Came back from the mountains this summer from my stepbrothers basketball tourney. Stopped by the safari then got these from the gas station