United States of America · 343 Days · 8 Moments · March 2015

Kaitlyn's voyage in Daytona Beach at Riddle

5 March 2016

Went to Disney with James and Adam for Adam's birthday and rode those little cars on the track and laughed a bit too much. 😁 We went to a Shawn Mendes concert at Universal with James. Had the opportunity to see my sister's twin new born babies right before the Daytona 500. James and I rode together on a Suzuki motorcycle at bike week in Daytona and was super exciting and fast πŸ’¨

21 February 2016

Today we went to see the Daytona 500 race, it was really cool and fun to hang out with my family up in Daytona for a day.

28 November 2015

Got to meet some wolves 🐺 in Miami with Sam and her family that day. As well as some other animals 🐍. We all had an amazing time there, probably the best experience I had in Miami. That was a great Thanksgiving break.

8 November 2015

The first time I went up in a tiny Cessna 172 with pilot James. Oh and I met a llama at the volusia fair.

2 November 2015

When I got James to take pictures of a really cool airplane at Riddle for me lol. And that certified not anymore thing was uh yeah ☺️ required for class. (Inside joke) that tea though.

19 October 2015

This was a fun day. Sam and I went Halloween shopping and this was what we decided was a cool thing to wear for this holiday. It was super fun watching Sam scare our suit mates at the time though.

22 August 2015

Settling into my first ever dorm, McKay and then went to my first comedy event at Riddle. Sam and I had a good time bringing that melted ice cream to Vic and the glorious outcome of Vic's printer.

28 March 2015

First time visiting Embry-Riddle and that's the day I decided to become a software engineer at Riddle