Vietnam · 4 Days · 9 Moments · June 2017

Kaitlyn's tour through Vietnam

15 June 2017

Off to Japan!!! 😆😆😆😆
Came back and had the braised pork version of xoi xeo. I like the chicken one better but this is still my favourite along with pho ga (chicken pho), things I could eat every day.

14 June 2017

Went to the 63rd floor of the Lotte building for the Top of Hanoi sky bar. It was kind of cloudy but a cool experience anyway. Drinks were also relatively cheap compared to toronto but definitely expensive for Hanoi standards
Market in the old quarter of Hanoi. Very busy
Saw the Temple of Literature today, dedicated to Confucius and his disciples. There were 5 courtyards, very Chinese.

13 June 2017

Tried egg coffee and egg matcha. Very thick and creamy, essentially a creme anglaise made of egg yolk, sugar, vanilla, and condensed milk all whipped up and heated in a hot water bath. Too eggy for me. Had xoi xeo - sticky rice and glutinous corn, fried mung bean, shredded chicken, fried onion, and pickles with Maggi sauce and chili sauce. My favourite meal from Vietnam, very comforting and reminiscent of Chinese sticky rice. Best/original beef pho - rich beef bone flavour and pure. The cured meat was my favourite bc it was very tender Coconut ice cream + fruit for dessert
What is this?!

12 June 2017

We also saw the Notre dame cathedral and post office. Not much else to do in Saigon but tomorrow we leave for Hanoi which is supposed to be better so I'm looking forward to that.
The best beef pho in Saigon and pork noodle salad.