Thailand · 5 Days · 7 Moments · June 2017

Kaitlyn's adventure in Thailand

8 June 2017

Woke up early and went to the Chiang Mai Gate food market this morning with S for breakfast. Had an amazing pork blood vermicelli soup (pork and fish) for $2 and sesame glutinous rice balls filled with coconut custard. Had iced coffee and brought back food for the rest of the crew. Then Steph and I went to the umbrella village market, where I got my purse painted on for 100 baht. Also toured another fresh market and had a stir-fried pork and rice topped with a fried egg. On our way back, it started pouring rain, up to a good 4 inches of water flooding the streets. Our red truck driver was sweet enough to drive us the entire morning + to the airport. Now onto a quick two day detour to Singapore!

7 June 2017

Went to an elephant sanctuary today! It was called Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Took an hr and a half truck ride into the forest. We got to feed the elephants with bananas and corn stalks. Then we did a mud spa and bathed them in the river. There was a lot of elephant poop. Like....a lot. The elephants themselves were beautiful though. The elephant sanctuaries protect the animals from being ridden or abused. They had 6 elephants, one of which was pregnant. Their natural diet is mostly grass and corn but bananas are their treat. They eat a ton of food. After semi cleaning ourselves with more dirty water we ate a meal prepared by the locals (some non spicy chicken potato curry, veg, rice, and egg pancake). Then drove back to the hostel. I was pretty exhausted so I went to bed early.

6 June 2017

Flew into chiang mai, checked into Haus Hostel, a pretty popular place with a lot of people. Met up with Jenn's Mike and went to night market. Bought a cute elephant tank. Also tried khao soi and had a pretty good northern style noodle soup

5 June 2017

Our hostel hosted a cooking class for us! ($40 for 7 of us) We made: 1 - tom yum seafood soup 2 - green curry chicken 3 - stir fried veggies 4 - deep fried chicken wings 5 - stir fried pork
Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple We had the most difficult time trying to get into this place. It was crazy

4 June 2017

Went to the MBK centre today to shop and then the weekend market.
Arrived in Bangkok today at 10pm, was super exhausted trying to find the pocket wifi station. Finally found it after walking around for 45 mins. Checked into our hostel which is actually decently nice. The beds seem clean and there are towels and hot showers, much better than Costa Rica. Not a ton of mosquitoes yet but prepared to be eaten alive. We went to the night market and Khao San road. Very party scene and lots of street food. Tried durian for the first time. It tasted like a mushy red onion mating with an overripe banana. Not great but not as bad as people said it was. We also had a great bowl of wonton mein and some crepe chip thing that tasted like sunscreen. Will have to go back for some of the other stuff like pad Thai and skewers. We also went to mcd's and had minion potatoes.