Germany · 4 Days · 32 Moments · August 2017

Regina's & Kai's adventures in Ostfriesland

12 August 2017

Finally, going home. I need my own pillow badly.

11 August 2017

For us in Norden diner means Minna: uber delicious german food! Thanks kitchen. Today Seegras as aperetif, fish for the main menu. WOW
Kind of church in Norden. Living right next to it, we just took notice after 2 days.
an old church in norden, might have been a kloster long time ago
Life saver
Our shopping prey! Its essential to be always dressed fittingly!
view from 'our' cafe
Breakfast. Croissants were out.
Small tour through Norden. My legs still hurt.

10 August 2017

Most likely the best restaurant in Norden. Regina had liver, me the Wiener Schnitzel. All from the calve, yummi!
impresions from our bike tour
kai shoes and pants got wet. the wave reached him faster than he could get away.
piece of beach on the island
Some impressions of Norderney. It was really funny and beautiful there. But unfortunately my pants got wet (from the ocean!). So not many pics. Lovely rental bikes. My legs hurt...
we are on the ferry to norderney
Our Überfahrt
about one sec. after kais pic of the möwe sitting on the pole she took off for flying away...
Sitting Möwe
Harbour Norddeich
About to take our ferry to the island Norderney

9 August 2017

Finally found a piece of beach that we liked! Beautiful nature and a walk in the watt. U think u can reach Norderney by foot from here, but it might be dangerous if the water catches up with you.
Short trip to norddeich at the coast. For the tourists. Not for us though. Eating a backfish, which had the advantage we didn't want to eat for 14 h. Leaving as fast as we could.
Resuming our journey to Norden we made a lucky find: in the italian cafe we visited, they offer vacation appartments and because of a mistake in their booking mechanism there was a spare one. Great appartment!
Industrial harbour Emden. Unfortunately not open to public visitors

8 August 2017

Diner at the trattoria. Best cappuccino in town for sure.
The harbour, but the one for the tourists. Tomorrow we will try to see the real one, the industrial harbour.
We'll definitely need 1 or 2 of our ☔
Arrived at hotel Kronprinz. Friendly people, clean room. Perfect!
Getting unused to smoking at Plümer-Rieke
Packing 3 Umbrellas so that we have 4 to chose from.