United Kingdom · 1 Days · 4 Moments · December 2017

Kailey's adventure in United Kingdom

9 December 2017

Intermission of Les Misérables! My feet are tired but it’s completely worth it. The view is actually fantastic and the show is wonderful as always
Defying gravi-tea and a Victoria sponge while surrounded by theater memorabilia a musical sound tracks. Lots of eves dropping on conversations about casts
Breakfast! Not the healthiest start to the day, but the tart is nice and... salted caramel green tea!
Landed in London, proved that I « intend to return to France » (I worked way too hard to get that visa to walk away, thank you very much!) and made it to my hotel just before midnight. It’s tempting to run downstairs to the pub, but I want to wake up early to make it to the TKTS booth so I’m going to crash tonight - assuming I’m not too excited to sleep!