Australia · 1 Days · 4 Moments · May 2017

Kaijia's journi to Australia

27 May 2017

There is never a dull moment in Melbourne. Shows, exhibitions, events fill every weekend with excitement. Our timing was just, the National Gallery of Victoria hosted a galore of more than 100 pictures, presenting Van Gogh and the Seasons. I must admit to losing anticipation whenever queues are involved, the glass mosaic windows covering the enter entrance hall had made this experience an exception. The artworks were displayed chronologically alongside Van Gogh's life story... emotional in ways words do not reach.
A trip to Melbourne wouldn't be complete without experiencing the local cafe culture. Retro is met with the quiet ambience of suburban Melbourne with an ample dash of street in Fitzroy. Street art and early settler architecture surrounds the shopping/dinning district. Every second storefront boasted a unique coffee blend, coffee culture is strong, at a pinnacle in this town. The ever most popular 4-storey cafe restaurant with rooftop space was our brunch-out pick. Glassed-in areas with heating provided a open-air view of Fitzroy in any (non-rain) weather.
The Crown Casino at the end of the sidewalk seemed like the perfect place for a late-night outing. We (rather, I) tried my luck on a few tables to determine where the night would lead us. Pontoon tested our hearts and parting ways with Baccarat whilst the gains evened the losses was a easy decision to make. Little did we know, that destiny awaited us on Roulette. The lucky number 33, followed by a luckier 00, calls for winner, winner, chicken dinner... with $50 buckaroos!! Time was not to be wasted, drinks are to be consumed! The Atrium bar, deep into the gaming floor, solace with dashing decor, drew our attention. The exquisite cocktail menu, full of witty names, had us wanting to down every glass. But we were responsible adults? 3 glasses, enhanced with fresh flowers and colourful fruits came to our table with such grace. And were consumed just as so.
Arrived late, but not too late for a stroll along Southbank.