United Kingdom · 13 Days · 6 Moments · July 2017

KSJ England 2k17

16 July 2017

Today , after the ministry we went to the Shaw's house. We are staying over.

14 July 2017

Today the girls of the family had lunch at auntie Sarah F's house. It was good. And I got Malachie to sleep😴 πŸ˜‰ it took a while. Then at family meal we got our anniversary presents. I got a lot of new look vouchers and money. I can't wait to spend it

12 July 2017

Today we went bridesmaid shopping win thy meg and we found some dresses but we are still looking just in case

10 July 2017

We have had the assembly and it was really good. I like Saturday the most πŸ‘

5 July 2017

Today I went to Trinity with grandma Shirley and grandad Cecil's and auntie Nenen. Me and limonie took a bus's ourselves 😊😳🀣 I was scared/excited /confused. Dad wanted to test out the whole " responsible and indipendent " thing πŸ˜ŠπŸ™„ When we got there we met auntie nenen in t.k max and then met grandma,grandad and dad in the Apple Store. There I bought my IPHONE 7 PLUS!!!! ( rose gold) it is beautiful. I am SHOOK. Then we went back to grandma Shirley's house and me and Lim are staying over. I set up my phone and I and using it now 🀣🀣

3 July 2017

Today we arrived to England xx I am soon happy to see the family and everybody x auntie jade was ever so kind and did my nails for me. I got to see India and baby Malachi. He has gotten so big 😊❀️