Germany · 67 Days · 11 Moments · March 2018

K On Tour

9 May 2018

Goodbyes are never easy, but they made me look back at the amazing times I experienced in Germany! I’ll miss Emi’s friends, Wednesday german lessons and the other amazing Canadians, who were the best people to explore and navigate Germany with! This exchange has forever changed my life! All these amazing people have made my experience that much better and I will miss seeing their beautiful faces everyday! In the end, it is not a GOODBYE but a SEE YOU SOON!🌸

1 May 2018

Frankfurt and Oppenheim Today is May 1st, Workers’ Day, is a day off and a celebration for many, with many festivities! We went to the province of Hessen to visit Frankfurt. We visited an exhibition for the artist, Basquiat (SAMO), he was an unforgettable artist and even worked closely with Andy Warhol. He used his art to breakdown black artist stereotypes through art, music, television and written work. We visited a bridge, crossing the Main river, that had many locks with thousands of names. <3 We wandered through the streets and visited the Pauls Kirche (St. Paul’s Church) a symbol of the first public and democratic election. It was started as a Lutheran church in 1789. We then drove back into Rheinland-Pfalz and visited the small village, Oppenheim. The views were beautiful because you could just see the Rhine river. We wandered the Katharinenkirche, where they had beautiful stain glass windows and a memorial for those who died around 1400. Then we had a nice drive home.🌲

14 April 2018

It may be Spring, but it feels like Summer! The past couple of weeks have been pretty calm, going to school and different activities. We have wandered the streets of Mainz and different cool architectural masterpieces. We had a blast at the Manfred S Tanzschule dance party, where we danced-ish and had a blast! I had my birthday here, and I received many congratulations and love from everyone. I loved waking up to a banner as I walked out of my room<3 The next day, a bunch of us, Canadian students, met up in Mainz and hung out, ate some delicious döner and awkwardly asked a random man to take our picture. Some of my favourite past times are sitting in the hammock in the sun, because you are surrounded by flowers and trees. A couple of us got together again and had a bbq and chatted till dark! I am sad to say, as I have written about the last 3 weeks, I only have 3 weeks left here in Germany:(

6 April 2018

Munich: Day 3 We put our feet to good use and wondered the crowded streets of downtown Munich. We started with a bus tour, where we saw the main tourist sites, including the Bavarian government building, the theatre, museums and many old architectural buildings. After, we went to visit Marienplatz to see the famous dancing clock that puts on a show every hour, but unfortunately it didn’t dance when we were there. We went to the Englischer Garten, but not before seeing the very Bavarian beer gardens, filled to the brim with people! The garden was large and beautiful, with people embracing the nearing summer, drinking, tanning and playing sports. There was a spot where people could surf on the current of the river, which was really cool to see. After, we began wondering back, whilst seeing the university and a beautiful sunset. 🌈

5 April 2018

Munich: Day 2 Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site “May the example of those who were exterminated here between 1933-1945. Because they resisted Nazism help to unite the living for the defence of peace. And freedom and in respect for their fellow men” Now, Dachau is a place of reflection and remembrance, for the preservation of this site is to share the history of the unforgivable and unspeakable actions of the Nazi Regime. “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Will Free) This was the message the Nazis wanted their prisoners to believe, on the contrary, no matter who you were, or where you were from, death was always a lingering possibility. As well as share what happened, we must remember the victims, because as easily as they can be forgotten behind a statistic, they are beautifully cultured people who were simply born with the “wrong” characteristic. The crematorium and gas chambers, an ugly truth, were often disguised as showers. During all this, the church remained a place of hope.

4 April 2018

Munich: Day 1 5 years ago, I stayed at this very lovely and traditional hotel with my family and seeing it again with fresh eyes is sweet, because I can really admire all the details.🌈 We went to Starnberger See (lake) and had a nice boat tour, but before, we found a library, tourist shops and ice cream! Across the lake you could see the Swiss Alps. The boat ride was beautiful and windy. After we visited the Buchheim Museum. A Museum in honour of Lothar-Günther Buchheim, a journalist and author of Das Boot. Das Boot is a novel written about a german U-Boat. It follows the commander, the crew and a hazardous patrol. The fame of the book brought to life a critically-acclaimed movie and the museum broadcasted many behind the scene moments. As well as being a successful writer, Buchheim preserved many artifacts and works that were confiscated during WW2, due to what was censored by the Nazis. Can’t forget all the beautiful Bavarian architecture and art!

25 March 2018

The first week of Easter break, we did a Track and Field camp and I was whipped into shape! The camp was in Homburg, Saarland, and we stayed at this beautiful youth hostel. Every morning and afternoon we would go to a soccer field/track stadium, where we would do all sorts of activities. I tried Javelin for the first time! The walks to the stadium were through the quaint city of Homburg with very cute graffiti and fruit and clothing vendors. Besides doing track and field stuff, we went to the cinema, the pool, and out for some pretty extravagant ice cream. The last night we did a beautiful walk up to a castle, where we could see over the entire town! Whilst resting our sore muscles, we would eat snacks from the local grocery store and play numerous card games into the night. Happy Easter!🐥

14 March 2018

On our little break, we visited the capital of Germany, Berlin! (the city with endless building art) We visited plenty of museums including, the German History Museum, the Wall Museum and the Jewish Museum. It was the Jewish Museum and the Holocaust Memorial that evoked emotions through the use of architecture, wanting the visitor to understand the isolation and darkness of WW2 and it’s aftermath. As well as being historical, Berlin has some gems and quirks scattered everywhere, including a huge second-hand/vintage shop where you pay by the kilo and an antique flea market on Saturdays. Berlin is a very historic city, despite lots of its original architecture and artifacts beings destroyed during WW2, they have preserved what they can and display it to pay hommage. The infamous Checkpoint Charlie, a main checkpoint dividing the East and West and the Schloß Charlottenburg Castle are classics to be admired. Last of all, we couldn’t leave without getting a picture with the BERLIN bear!

10 March 2018

Yesterday was our first day all together and we had so much fun! We visited the market, which happens every Saturday, there was fruit vendors, meat vendors and honey vendors and so much more! We saw the dome, then we visited the Gutenberg museum and saw a cool demonstration of the printer that he invented, that greatly impacted modern literature. After, we visited this super cool and eclectic café and had lemonade, smoothies and ice tea. We then wondered down to the Rhine River and took lots of silly pictures. After we did a little shopping for “german things” and then we went back to Clary’s house. We ate pizza, cake and Tim Hortons!

9 March 2018

This was my first week here and it was so cool! We went right away to school and her activites. Her school is beautiful and very artsy and the students and teachers have been very welcoming! I really like their school system, it can be a little confusing at times, but it is different everyday, which is so much more interesting. We went to her track and field class, choir class and dance class and the people are so patient with me and my English (lol) My favourite thing was taking the train from school and to her dance class! I think it is so cool that the train is just so accessible and can take you almost anywhere!

4 March 2018

The craziness of school, packing and sleeping led to my last day in Canada and it is unbelievable how quick it came! My last night was a normal family night, which is what I loved before that day at the airport. The morning of the day I left, my mom, dad and sister took me to airport and although I felt like I was on autopilot, I felt almost numb, like nothing really had set in. When we got to the airport, my amazing friends and family came to goodbye to Sylvia and I, and as the time drew closer, the more tears were shed, but good tears. When we got to Vancouver, were on the hunt for food and Tims! The plane ride was really exhausting, but exciting knowing the outcome. We watched movies, ate weird food, and obsessively played a word game and monopoly! Waiting for our luggage to arrive was long and nerve-wracking, knowing they were on the other side! When we all got our luggage we were greeted with hugs, cameras and lots of signs! I am finally here and I still can’t believe it!