Ireland · 4 Days · 3 Moments · May 2017

DCoy on the Move in Ireland

16 May 2017

When planning a big trip EVERYTHING becomes about The Trip. For most women we always want to look our best when going somewhere, which is kinda funny because we are usually going somewhere no one knows us, that would be the perfect time to not care & say I'll never see these people again but NO that's not how it works. It's motivation to drop a few pounds. Get gussied up with hair & nails. And we can't forget about Shopping 🛍 just another Great reason for a few new outfits because we of coarse have to have something to go along with our new look 😉 So yes in preparation for Ireland I went on that diet, I called it my Ireland diet & boy did it work WooHooo!!! Went & got the new hairdo, thanks to Tommy it looks great. Nails done the day before I leave, and Oh Yes I went Shopping. I bought me a pair of Red walking shoes. I don't typically buy off the internet just don't like the hassle of returning if I don't like it, but these I just had to have. Since I have feet issues I did a
May 7, 2017 A lazy Sunday thinking about my upcoming trip to the Emerald Island & can't believe it's coming up so quickly. My friend & I talked about going to Ireland as teenagers, but never did go, we both got married & life happened. Life has taken many twists & turns for me over the years as it does for everyone. My life was turned upside down & I had to decide what to do. Travel is something I've always wanted to do but havent done alot of outside the US. In 2014 I got my passport & was so excited to start a new chapter in my life filled with travel. Its now 2017 & Im actually getting to go on my first adventure outside the US. Hard to believe that a teenage daydream of going to Ireland is coming true 20 some years later & who better to share it with then the one it was dreamed up with. Can't wait for our adventure to begin!

13 May 2017

A peek at all the amazing sites we ate about to see