Japan · 371 Days · 9 Moments · October 2016

Beer Tasting - craft beer Japan

3 November 2017

17846 Golden Angel The red color is amazing. This one reminds me of Rickard’s red but not as bitter or sharp. This golden angel has a light touch of hops and malt to balance. I could drink a few of these but it is not my favorite from this brewery.
17846 Brown Weizen You are so amazing Brown Weizen. Are from around here? You are like nothing I have ever drank before. You are much more refined than the other hefes. Listen, perhaps it is a bit early but I was wondering if you would like to go steady? I want to stare into your beautiful brown haze forever.

23 October 2017

Inawashiro 17846 Pilsner is fruitier than most other pilsners. Looks good tastes good smells good... fruity in a good way. Sweet and mellow. It has an International Beer Cup sticker. I’m not sure how they did but I wish I had more.
This guy calls his blog “ Craft Beer Japan” what a joke. Not one beer reviewed was a craft beer! Ok ok. I was just warming up. I wanted to get a few posts ( prousts?) under my belt. I’ve definitely got something for you to drool over.
First up, a series of beer from the 17846 Inawashiro Brewery. These guys seem serious. They got a german brewer to train them. They import all german ingredients except water. Right now all armchair brewers want to be them.
Orión original brew. This beer is a sacred institution as blessed as mother’s milk. At least where I am currently living. It is a refreshing lager but like any lager pick local and you won’t be disappointed. More than any other style of beer a lager suffers from travel. Luckily all of Okinawa is local so it is impossible to hide from this beer. If you happen to get sick of it just go to karaoke drink Orión beer liberally then sing its theme song until you love it again.
Hoppy happy is a low carb non alcoholic not beer beer substitute. It has that lager bite that some folks think taste tastes...well like something only Mr Grylls seems to enjoy. It is only 0.8% alcohol and the bottle suggests adding spirits. It tastes like flavored mineral water. The worst you could say is that it still tastes better than gluten free beer but not much.

22 October 2017

Ok it’s not craft beer but Bass & Co imported pale ale will be my standard for making an ale comparison. It’s cheap and available. It’s nothing special but it’s not lager. In the land of lager surrounded by an ocean of lager I’ll take it. However it makes me long for the days of Okanagan Springs Pale Ale.

28 October 2016

Sativa Golden Haze Obviously I thought this pot beer would give me a buzz. The brewer said it definitely won’t but I want what I want. It was green. It was not green enough to have seconds. You should pass on this beer but as one step in a long journey it will be memorable just not as a tasty beverage.