United States of America · 4 Days · 9 Moments · June 2016

Junior Outdoor Track Nationals - Clovis, CA

27 June 2016

Couple pictures from the flight home the other day
Swam a bit at the hotel yesterday, and then just stayed in the room. Early flight home✈️

26 June 2016

Made the drive back to Oakland after church today. Made a couple put stops on the way, including for donuts and then for ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Just checked in at our hotel.

24 June 2016

Little more exploring and dress shopping
Exploring an antique shop in old town Clovis

23 June 2016

My kind of beach day❤️
Mariscos Colima for lunch
Pit stop at Target for some reading material!
Flew into Oakland last morning, and then drove a couple hours to the hotel. It took forever to get our rooms which was a little frustrating, but it's not like we had anything planned to do yesterday. After we got unpacked, we went to a Mexican food truck for dinner, which was delicious and pretty cheap! We'll probably go there for lunch again today. Relaxed at the hotel for an hour or so and then went to bed.