United States of America · 23 Days · 7 Moments · September 2017

Sprinter van conversion adventure

8 October 2017

It was a little unnerving to think that we were about to drill holes and cut a 14" x 14" square in the roof of our brand new Mercedes but that is exactly what we did. Picture 1 is the before. Scott measured multiple times and taped the square that would be cut. Next, he drilled holes in the 4 corners. He left me with the tin snips while he went to do a quick trip to our rental house. The first snip was hard but once you've made a cut, there is no going back. By the time I had made a rough cut opening, Scott was back to do the detailed clean up that he is so good at. Once the edges were perfectly cut and filed, we did a double coat of auto paint to seal the newly exposed edge. While the paint was drying, Scott made a square frame out of scrap 2"x2" wood. With me holding the wood frame from below, Scott screwed the fan into place. Finally, he sealed the edges with Dicor Lap Sealant. For now, he Jerry rigged a cigarette lighter plug until he wires it permanently

1 October 2017

You invite a few friends over and make it bigger of course. Thanks Kyle, Ryan, Harley and Acelyn. We couldn't have done it without you!

30 September 2017

What do you do when your new van is 9' tall but your garage door is 7'?

17 September 2017

Scott is getting ready to enlarge the garage door which will be the first big project of our van conversion. The new door will be 10' tall which is big enough for the van with a rack on top.

16 September 2017

We spent the morning measuring and confirming that the plan we had on paper was really going to work. We taped outlines for the bed and the cabinets. Sienna makes a good general contactor.
This is a record of our Sprinter conversation process. We can't wait to get started!