Australia · 10 Days · 18 Moments · April 2017

Julie's tour through Australia

7 May 2017

View from the room. Not shown: flocks of ibis & lorikeets--Cairns
Why Aussies are morning people

6 May 2017

Why did we come here? Wallabies!

5 May 2017

This guy stole a noodle from Lens plate & killedit by beating it on the sidewalk before eating it
A Jackman Hunky Beef pie

4 May 2017

The Big Mango at last!

3 May 2017

Coachella Bowen-style
Still not tired of the view

2 May 2017

Outback jump up
Life is good in mango land
Sunrise in Bowen

1 May 2017

Snugging Perkins

29 April 2017

And koalas!
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Feeding Wallabies!

28 April 2017

Brizzy by night
It's Buddha's birthday!!
What's odd here?
Our view of Brizzy!