United Kingdom, Peru · 22 Days · 25 Moments · January 2017

Juliet's tour through Peru

9 February 2017

That's all folks, Ciao chica's y chico's x
Final hours in Lima. Found the runners this time- lively route along the cliffs -Malevon de la Reserva - with lots to look at such as outdoor spin at 0630. Braehead equivalent but with a better view. Final lunch at Haiti - thought is better try Ceviche!

8 February 2017

Some usual scenes. I am now a guacamole convert. The hairless dogs kept running away before I could snap them

7 February 2017

Then Macchu Picchu- takes 1/2 hour to drive up from the valley floor & 90 mins to walk. City housed up to 800 inhabitants - high up to be near the gods. Unbelievable lines and angles given they only had stone and wood to work with. Cute llama's too.

6 February 2017

Following 2 days easier with fertile precipitous valleys, coffee bushes, passion fruit , avocados & maize. Weird plantpots and off the scale hard core québécois- he trekked the pass with all his camping gear in an IKEA bag tied round his waist with rope Banana flavoured goose?

4 February 2017

Salkantay trek- climb up to 4600m from sea level less than 24 hours before- funnily enough altitude sickness hit, Coca tea and acetozolamide to the rescue! Could on,y walk about 15 steps at a time Salkantay means savage mountain in Quechua and I would have to concur. Travelling easy with horses and horseman, guide, cook & 3 others, 2 of whom could have been my kids but they were kind enough not to say!

3 February 2017

Amazon to Andes in a day- hard to believe it's the same country! Arrived just in time for a fiesta!! Will post the video on facebook- shrapnel and all. Followed this with alpaca and quinoa! Boat pics will follow at some point- rather a lot to choose from!

31 January 2017

Work- trained dental local administrator now!

30 January 2017

Crew mates

29 January 2017

Down time

28 January 2017

Wildlife- though sometimes more dead than alive!

27 January 2017

Kids- bubbles popular
Some spectacular views
The villages in rainy season- vary in degrees of poverty with street lights meaning well off village They sent us gringa's in to sightsee so the villagers knew the boat was in town 'Vamos Barca '
The boat

26 January 2017

Getting people to the boat has its challenges- villages flooded, river too shallow
Getting people to the boat has its challenges- villages flooded, river too shallow

23 January 2017

Amazon Hope
Boat to get to Amazon hope with supplies. Driver took the wrong river! Now back to starting point after 5 hours

22 January 2017

Animals saved from aforementioned pelt stripping & open water swimming- gave it a miss , piranha more scary than pike..
Market delights- tortoise; prehistoric catfish; honey with complimentary bee's ; maggots; Cayman tail; vulture; hand made fags and the odd endangered animal hide

21 January 2017

First views of Amazon rainforest & river- it's big! Loads of Americans- must have emigrated to avoid Trump
So after deciding 1 hour of daylight wasn't enough time to scope out a safe run route in a new continent, I walked out to get coffee . Followed a lady in trainers & ended up on what seems to be lima's equivalent of park run, but with better views of the Pacific ll

20 January 2017

Late arrival Lima after 22 hour trip to gridlock. Rapid improvement with a balmy taxi ride along the Pacific to the hotel

19 January 2017

Early start tomorrow- trial post