Australia · 43 Days · 15 Moments · October 2015

Hélène and Juliet's trip to Australia!

29 November 2015

Well that's it, the end of our trip! We're back home safe and sound after way too many hours of flight, ready to get back to "real life" :) thank you for following our trip!

28 November 2015

We had our last tour yesterday, doing the great ocean road, and it was beautiful! We saw the 12 apostles, climbed to the top of a light house and saw so many beautiful things! It was an amazing last day to our amazing Australian trip

26 November 2015

Here we are, our final destination, Melbourne! It's cloudier and colder than anywhere else, but still pretty fun! We've walked around the little lanes, seen little coffee shops and street art everywhere, it's a pretty nice city!

23 November 2015

As one of our final tours we decided to go to the blue mountains, and it was absolutely amazing! Got I see beautiful scenery, attempt playing the didgeridoo, go on hikes and feed the cockatoos! It was one very packed day, but a definite highlight of our trip!

18 November 2015

Here we are to our before to last stop, Sydney! We've walked around the city seen the opera, harbor bridge and so much more! We've done the coastal walk in unbearable heat to see the famous Bondi beach! Finally to flee the 43 degrees we went to the aquarium and saw specter on the world's biggest imax screen! A couple more days in this amazing city and then we're off to Melbourne! ✈️

11 November 2015

Hey guys! Sorry we've been offline for a while, but here's what we've been up to! Had a great day at Australia zoo getting up close and personal with the kangaroos and koalas, followed by a day in our first real Aussie city, Brisbane! Now we're in Byron Bay, where we got our first surf lesson ever...

4 November 2015

Sorry for being offline for a while, but there's a good reason for it! We went camping for three days on the worlds largest sand island, Fraser Island! We got to swim in fresh water lakes, drive in a 4wd (on sand, obviously, and we didn't crash), and so much more! Just a great couple of days!

29 October 2015

Well these past couples of days have been absolutely amazing! We spent a night on a boat (The Siska) to go around the Whitsunday Islands, and got to see and do amazing things! Including walking on a white sanded beach, swim with fishes so close to you you could touch them, and, the highlight, swimming with sea turtles! Words can't describe how awesome it all was!

27 October 2015

We are now on Magnetic Island, which is mostly a national park, where we were able to rent out a "Topless car" for the day to see the island. We did the Forts Walk where we could spot wild koalas, went to the beach and fed wild wallabies at sunset ☀️🐨

24 October 2015

The past couple of days have been in high in emotion! We went white water rafting for the first time ever down the Tully river which is apparently the 3rd best river in the world to raft on! Sadly I don't have any pictures for that. Yesterday we went kayaking through the rainforest with Ingan tours where we learned about aborigine culture and spotted the wildlife! We later got lost in Mission beach but thankfully made it back to our hostel before the storm hit...

21 October 2015

This morning we went to Cairns Tropical Zoo where we got to see kangaroos and cuddle with koalas, followed by an amazing seafood lunch at Palm Colve, right on the beautiful beach... Nice, relaxing day in the sun ☀️

20 October 2015

Today we went to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef with Passions of Paradise. Sebastien was right, life really is better Under the Sea

19 October 2015

We went around the Atherton Tablelands with barefoot tours, saw the rainforest and swam in waterfalls and lakes that were waaaay cold, including the famous Milla Milla falls! Can you think of any commercials you've seen with it...?

18 October 2015

Well, I'm afraid all we did today was arrive at our hostel, set up the rest of the trip, and try very hard to beat the jet lag... We promise, tomorrow will be more interesting!

17 October 2015

Step 1 of our trip: waking at 4:30 for our 27h trip to Melbourne... But hey all worth it when you finally get that first glimpse of the Australian coast...!