United States of America · 12 Days · 102 Moments · September 2016

Road trip! (Grand Canyon, Moab, Yellowstone)

20 September 2016

Vegas! (Just passing through)
Leaving St. George... We will be back
Views from our campsite and grounds (St. George, Utah)

19 September 2016

Ever changing sky on our way to St. George, Utah
More beautiful Bryce Canyon.
Bryce Canyon ❤️
Red Canyon
"B" is for Beaver
Beaver county... Getting closer to cheese curds!
Making our way through Utah... Hazy day in the city. (Salt Lake City, UT)
Hello again Utah!
Leaving Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. Onward to Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

18 September 2016

Soaking our tired bodies in the healing mineral waters of Lava Hot Springs! Rejuvenating... We may need to go again before heading to our next destination
We made it! Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
Stop at Pickle's Place for great burgers! (Arco, Idaho)
More beautiful Idaho
Gorgeous drive down the 93... On our way to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
Leaving beautiful Hamilton, Montana. Passing through the cutest town... Darby! Watched a fun rodeo here last night.

16 September 2016

MORE BEER! Bitterroot Brewery in Hamilton MT. Great beer, sweet potato fries and Sriracha deep fried cheese curds. I can die happy.
Riding the carousel is cool...Fastest in Montana!
Missoula! (Montana)
We are mountain men now! "Chopping" wood isn't so hard... 😜
Fall colors peeking through. On our way to Missoula to check out the sites

15 September 2016

Dinner outside on the deck... We had some white tailed visitors after dinner
Downtown Hamilton for shopping with Mom in law Marie
Lunch and delicious homemade ice cream at the Filling Station Grille. The owner had been collecting the "decor" for over 20 years.
Twin Lakes (just 20 miles up the road from where we are staying).
Main house pics
Guest cabin pics (where we sleep).

14 September 2016

We made it to Hamilton Montana! Visiting Matt's family
(Root) beer and homemade pizza made by an Angel at the Antlers Saloon in Wisdom, Montana. Population 98.
Passed Dillon and Bannack
More Montana countryside
Montana landscape in the rain
So long Yellowstone.... Headed to Hamilton MT! 3 days of R&R and lots of fun!

13 September 2016

Finished our day with some elk and our 3rd rogue buffalo sighting. THANK YOU YELLOWSTONE!!
Midway Geyser Basin
Will never get sick of these guys 😍
Old Faithful! Right on cue...
West Thumb Basin
Yellowstone Lake
Mud Volcano!
Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam... (Look for the tiny specs in the snow)
More beautiful snowy Yellowstone
Hike to North Rim
Selfies at the Falls
Hike to Upper/Lower Falls
Bison #2 (Yellowstone)
More Geysers!
Geysers!! (Yellowstone)
More pics... (Yellowstone)
Warning... Copious amount of pictures ahead (Yellowstone)
Yellowstone!!! Breath taking scenery and animals... Making our way to drive through the lower loop
Our second cute cabin stay
Good morning! This is a screenshot pic of Old Faithful from a live cam taken this morning. Burrrrrr!

12 September 2016

Made it to second cabin in west Yellowstone... Now a rainy/sleety/snowy ride to downtown for din din
Idaho in the rain is so pretty
Farm land for miles...
Cute town of Driggs
Idaho detour... Just past the giant Spud
Taking detour to Yellowstone. South entrance closed due to Central fire. Selfie photo op due to construction. Praying for rain to put out the fires!
Teton Village
I got Tetons on a cloudy day...
More Jackson, please
Downtown Jackson... Adorable!

11 September 2016

More pics from our Jackson Hole cabin stay
Cute cabin directly across from the river
We have arrived (Jackson Hole/Snake River KOA)
Beautiful Wyoming
Snake River!
Afton, Wyoming
Bye bye Utah! Hello Wyoming 😍
Jordanelle Reservoir
Downtown Provo. So cute!
Jackson Hole bound!
Even the rest stops in Utah are beautiful... and they have trains!
Beautiful scenery through Utah
Leaving Green River UT
KOA camping.... Brings back memories

10 September 2016

Arches National Park (just a taste). Stunning.
Getting close to Moab!
Bye bye Arizona! Hello Utah
On own way! To Moab 😍
More beautiful wildlife... In captivity (Bearizona)

9 September 2016

Sooooo Zen
All along the watch tower... We take selfies!
Grand view... And lunch
We're here!! Our first sighting at visitor center... We haven't even parked yet!
Getting closer...
Matt is in the Ari "zone" a
Interesting things to see here in Arizona...
Passed the "Shoe fence"... Didn't have my size
On the road To the Grand Canyon!!