United Republic of Tanzania · 1 Days · 10 Moments · November 2016

Julie's trip to Tanzania

7 November 2016

After a lively breakfast the hotel driver took us to the hospital. Here we met the nursing administration and we have discussed nursing training and intensive care in Tanzania. Very few nurses are university trained most have diplomas. Only 15 nurses in the entire country have post graduate education in ICU which they have learned outside of Tanzania. Robert, our host and nursing director off this cardiac institute has spent 6 months in Israel training in open heart
Breakfast on the veranda of the hotel. Fresh concur juice tropical fruits
At the entrance to the cardiac institute
View from my room and eating on the hotel veranda
Breakfast on the veranda of the hotel

6 November 2016

Electricity in our hotel room
After arriving at the hotel we were given cold cola and escorted to our rooms. We quickly organized ourselves and met at a table by the pool for a debriefing regarding the start of the intensive care course we will be giving to ICU nurses here in Tanzania. We reviewed the pretest that we designed and then sat with Saleem our driver for the next 2 weeks about a possible safari in the national wild life park this Saturday. He explained about the park and the Rangers who take us around the park and what we most probably will see. He quoted us a price for the day trip (500$ for the 2 of us) we said we'll think about it. We had dinner pool side fresh fish- red snapper grilled fillet with salad and mashed potatoes it was delicious and we were starved. At 19:40 we each returned to our rooms to prepare and review our lectures for tomorrow. We will meet for breakfast at 6:30 am and leave the hotel at 7 to drive to the hospital. Good night to all
First hours and impressions in Tanzania. Upon arrival in the airport I felt like I was crossing the border into Sinai. We had to fill out forms and answer questions by the border police"where is your letter of invitation" after completing the forms the police take our passports and 50$ and disappears. We casually walk towards the area where he has gone and see 40-50 people standing looking at a glass wall and waiting. After waiting 1/2 hour Another policemen exits and calls people's names to retrieve their passport. We waited for over an hour until we were reunited with our passport. By then our suitcases were waiting for us and we left. Rabam was waiting for us with a sign as we exiting, took us to his car gave us water and smiled as he put African local music on the radio. Driving here is on the left side. We drove through boulevards people walking along the roads carrying wares on their head. We met many police on the way and say them stop many cars- for stopping in crosswalks.
Driving in Tanzania on left side