Europe · 13 Days · 6 Moments · July 2016

Europe round 2

12 August 2016

Stockholm has to be one of the most underrated cites that I have been to. It's gorgeous. Super clean and has super hot people. My only complaints is that t is a smidge cold and very expensive. we went out last night and it was a lot of fun. I also broke up with Allen. He kinda broke up with me. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Sometimes I feel like I'm never gonna find someone that's right for me. But on a brighter note we are doing a pub crawl tonight that I'm super excited for.

9 August 2016

Prague is absolutely incredible. I will write more tonight. I keep forgetting to write in my journal. This trip has gone by so fast and it's making me sad. We did a pub crawl and it was fucking sick. I met this Australian dude that lived in Berlin and it made me realize I do think I could work abroad. I got super wasted and called Allen and apparently told him I love him. I think I scared him. Ok trying not to trip about it though. Prague is so beautiful and clean. It reminds me of Disneyland. My only complaint is that people are kinda assholes. But it is what it is. Leave for Stockholm tomorrow which is our last stop. I'm not ready to leave.

7 August 2016

Once again I have completed forgot to write in this. But I'm at the airport right now and about to board my flight for Prague which I'm soooo excited about. Rome was pretty cool. But extremely hot.

6 August 2016

we did all the super touristy stuff in Rome and it was just as pretty as o thought it would be. There was a shit ton of people which was kinda annoying but not too bad. I have ate lasagna and gelato every night in Rome and have loved every bit of it. I'm trying not it have any guild over it

2 August 2016

My last day in Venice. It's been cool, very pretty but super run down. Not exactly my favorite place but I can appreciate it for what it is. Wayyy too many people though. Next stop Rome and I can't wait.

30 July 2016

Just decided to keep a journal of my current trip. I didn't log in Berlin which was my first place so I guess I'll start now. I fucking lover Berlin. I could live there for sure. The atmosphere, people, food, sights, cute boys, and all around being is absolutely amazing. We were able to see so much in such a short period of time. I'm so handful I was able to come back here