United States of America · 16 Days · 122 Moments · May 2016

Summer 2016 Kick-off!!

12 June 2016

Little over halfway home...
Small towns with great historical homes

11 June 2016

Chili at 163 Tap Room
Parasailing over Lake George
Lake George is re-doing their sidewalks. The curbs are polished GRANITE... Huh?
Chris and I rode on a CanAm Spyder.
Chris working the Dare to Compare for Harley-Davidson, teaching a couple before their ride.
Last day in Lake George! Chris is working Dare to Compare till 4, then 3hrs of takedown. I need to get to the vendors and stores before the rain starts!

10 June 2016

Topped the night off with fireworks and drinks on the patio
Sun setting over the hills
Lake George Village
Lots of people on the strip Friday night
Moose Tooth Grill. Julie had the Adirondack Cheddar Bacon Burger with sweet potato fries and Chris had half rack of ribs. Both very good!
Lake George lakewalk
Julie got to ride on the back of a CanAm Spider!

9 June 2016

New brand I discovered today. Stands for, "Does it Look Like I Give A Fuck?" By BOHICA Bill (Bend over, here it comes again)
Parade of lights
Bike parking at backside of hotel
Bike presence is building!
This is a reuben sandwich that I had to return at a sandwich place on Beach Rd. The meat is grey and the bread was pure soaked in kraut juice. The manager made me a new one himself and it was one of the best I've had. I didn't take a picture of the new one because I knew he was watching me. Very impressed with the service to make it right.

8 June 2016

Mezzaluna italian for dinner - Chris had spaghetti and I had pizza. Yumm!!!
Police officers showing their skills
Riders Skills Challenge - love that he instructs with a pipe in his mouth!

7 June 2016

Adirondack Pub & Brewery

6 June 2016

SJ Garcia's mexican
Day Nine: Last day of play/vaca. We traveled from Colchester to Lake George. It rained the entire day. Once we got settled into the hotel, we walked a little before it really came down. Met some guys on the Harley team. Chris now starts setup for the rally and I'm back to work, from the hotel.

5 June 2016

The Lobster Pot. My lobster bisque is GONE; CK still working on his jambalaya. Can't wait for main course!
National Cancer Survivor Day! Treated to Lobster Pot!
Fort William Henry hotel for the next week...
GPS took us through Hammond forrest. Scenic for sure!
Strong House in Vergennes is motorcycle friendly. Cute town too! http://www.stronghouseinn.com/
Day Eight recap: P A T I E N C E ! ! I was able to sleep in, map the day, and plan my photo outfits while Chris washed the bike. We had time to sit and eat a breakfast too. It's been awhile since I used my Canon camera and Chris was very patient at each stop waiting for me to get everything ready for that right shot. Great day! Ended it with a seafood dinner in downtown Burlington overlooking the lake and mountains.
Day Nine: travel day... Last day of play/vaca and it's raining... We have about a 2 hr drive back West to Lake George today where we'll be staying for work/vaca for a whole week! (I miss my boys)

4 June 2016

Lobster trap lemonade at Shanty on the Shore

3 June 2016

Stop in VT
Riding around Colchester, Barre and Essex
Lake Champlain ferry
Googled to see where we could find some covered bridges for photos tomorrow... Now I just need the rain to hold off!
On the Adirondack Northway!!
Goodbye Albany! It was a short 10hrs - you look like a pretty city to visit...

2 June 2016

Fairfield Inn in East Greenbush!! Thanks for driving Chris!!
Welcome back to NY! One night, then on to Vermont tomorrow & Saturday.
Closest I'll get to NY City center on this trip!
Passing by Poconos
Leaving Harrisburg and headed north!

1 June 2016

Gettysburg it was.. But just the dealer. Interesting and scary roads out here. Not much room for bikes nonetheless two cars in some turns. Crazy. Not for me!!
Pennsylvania countryside! Nice & scenic but too windy roads for me! Think I had a couple mini heart attacks today. Some scary roads.
We made it to our next stop for the night- home of a past Rockwell co-worker who now works for Harley as well. Unloading the bike and will look at map to see where to ride to... Gettysburg or Hersey....
Harrisburg, PA
Bucknell University
Home of World Little League Museum
Day Four recap... We started the day with a ride to one dealer before wineries opened, in search of a new helmet for Chris. Then onto the wineries. I'll have to take picture of the area map and mark what little we covered. One could easily spend a full week just touring wineries- not including all the breweries now entering the area. A fair amount of wine tasting buildings look deceiving from the front view but once you enter and see the scenic overlook, it is breathtaking! The hobby is very much growing and as one local said, she's excited for the communities but hope it doesn't get out of control. It's definitely an area we'll return to, with or without the bike. Now on to York, PA for Chris to visit the plant tomorrow.
Leaving Hammondsport and heading towards York PA!!

31 May 2016

Blackened salmon with asparagus.. Extremely flavorful !!!
Seafood chowder at Luna Mezza in Hammondsport
Belhurst! Beautiful place!
Serenity vineyards
Sign says, " if you buy the place your wine is free"...
Bellangelo!! Curb appeal is sooo deceiving! Someone has some major merchandising skills in this place! Unbelievable view!!
We need to retire!
Sun is out! Let's ride! Off to find some dealers this morning!

30 May 2016

Day Three!! Hot hot hot! Full day of riding through the beautiful sights, wineries, breweries and state park hike. We plan to go back through the west side of seneca tomorrow with our wine trail passports in the truck. Finally getting some color!
Chris enjoying small town front porch style!
Watkins Glen State Park
Watkins Glen State Park
Watkins Glen State Park
Sights are pretty. Long hike though. Recommend you start at the North end. Hike will be mostly downhill instead of starting at Main and going all up hill.
Wagners... Amazing views!
Three Brothers
Three Brothers Winery, War House and Stoney Lonesome Wine Cellars
Ventosa vineyards
View from inside of Ventosa Vineyards
Ventosa Vineyards
Day Two (5/29) we drove 2hrs from Bradford to Hammondsport. We parked the truck and trailer in Hammondsport and the road along the east side of Keuka Lake. I still haven't heard how to pronounce the name yet. We passed a good amount of wineries. We stopped at the north end in Penn Yan. It was 11:30 and bellied up to the bar. State law prevents them from selling alcohol before noon but we must have looked desperate enough to serve us. Our options for the day were to go NW to Waterloo - the home of Memorial Day or South to Corning's GlassFest. Radar suggested Waterloo, my gut said Corning. We went to Corning. Chris chose to wear his raincoat and sweat his ass off in the heat! I finally got some color! I'll admit that I didn't do my research on the festival, or city. I did not realize "Corning" was the same as CorningWare, Pyrex, and a couple other bakeware companies. We didn't go to the glass factory tour. Probably would have known then! Oh well.

29 May 2016

Pelican's Nest for Dinner! Prime rib and a burger. Chris had his first Finger Lakes Beer Company and I had the Atwater Estate Sweet Niagra.
Wine menu at Pelican's Nest where we had dinner.
Pre-dinner drinks at the local pub.
Weather isn't looking so well...
Pictures of the rental in Hammondsport, NY
Weather wasn't in our favor leaving Corning. We pulled off the highway to wait for the storm to pass. Hindsight... Waterloo got NAILED!!
Market Street Brewing Co in Corning, NY
Getting warm!
Sharing the road... Must have hit rush hour!
Home for 3 days
Back on the road into NY again. 8:35am, 67 degrees and overcast

28 May 2016

Day 1: We left at 4:55am from Slinger today. A fair amount of last minute things to remember, and luckily before we left the Slinger vicinity, I remembered the iPass! That was close! We've been on toll roads ever since we left Wisconsin. We left Slinger around 73 degrees and got a high of 92 around the PA/NY border but as we went in and out of storms through the hills, the temperature dropped down to the 60s in some areas. It was our first time through Cleveland and Erie. We hadn't realized how close to Niagara Falls we were but maybe another time (not a holiday weekend)... We didn't book a hotel in advance for our first night and finding a place consumed about an hour of our beer consumption time. We found a place inside of Bradford, PA. Bodies and tempers are resting now. Tomorrow we head to Hammondsport, NY and check out the wineries. Cheers to the fricken weekend!
Room with a view of Allegheny State Park
Bear crossing!!!
Follow the leader!
Chicago skyline