North America · 7 Days · 20 Moments · April 2017

McCoy's BVI Sailing Adventure

6 May 2017

Day 5: Dinghy to Foxy's Bar Since we already had a mooring ball for the night, we decided to dinghy over to Foxy's in Great Harbor. Sounds like a piece of cake? Not really! Freshly showered we climbed aboard and started the 10-15 minute journey. Once we got out of the bay the winds and the sea was incredibly rough...all we had was the light of the moon and Jack holding a flashlight to guide the way. As you can imagine I was panic stricken and white knuckling the handle grips. I also sat at the front of the boat so I was pretty drenched by the time we got there. Relieved to it there alive, we walked up to Foxy's to meet our new friends... they weren't there. We stayed for a drink and the crew danced with a local. We found no one at 2 more bars and left. With pure fear I climbed back into the dinghy to head to White Bay to another bar called Ivan's.which was dead. The crew went to the bathroom, it was during this time the guy at the bar decided to flash me his penis. It was my time to go
Day 5: Sail to White Bay, JVD Following our snorkel excursion we headed to White Bay to pick up another mooring ball for the evening. By this time Jack and I have mastered the task. We jumped in the dinghy and motored to the famous Soggy Dollar bar. It had a good crowd and we met some really fun people. We learned quite a lot about the yacht charters biz. Stacey (from Indy)was one of the people we met, she was bubbly and fun and we exchanged numbers. We drank, talked and I learned the art of ring toss. We agreed to meet up later over at Foxy's. We dinghyed back to the boat for dinner of fresh caught fish tacos and showers before heading over to Foxy's.
Day 5: Sail to Monkey Point Our sail to Monkey Point was pleasant today, though we did see our second raging fire on the islands since we started. Then.... the mooring we choose broke free from the hold, Yikes! Thankfully we were still onboard when it happened! Kyle cooked us a Trini breakfast of fry bake with corned beef and eggs, the crew truly enjoyed this one. After the kitchen was cleaned we all grabbed our snorkel gear and headed out. I swam to this little beach to catch some rays while the others paddled around the reef. The beach was a small formation of rocks one of which looked like a turtle climbing out of the water with baby in tow, folks who stop at this beach have started a tradition of stacking the coral rocks, so I followed suit and left our mark there as well. We spent an hour or so there before heading back to the boat. We stopped at Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke to top off our water tanks and grab some ice. We are still dealing with our fridge/freezer issues

5 May 2017

Day 4: Sail to Guana Island Kyle got up early this morning to fish the flats. He was happily rewarded with a 4 lb bonefish catch. Check that off the bucket list. Kyle, Steph and I enjoyed a delicious sardine breakfast, then Steph and I headed up to topless tan off the lines. Kyle went to pick up J/H for our journey to Guana. This was our longest sail of the trip and also Jack's 1st time to try sailing. The trip took about 5 hours and we battled 4-6 foot swells with an occasional 8-10' thrown in which made us a little nervous, but we made it safely. Once we arrived we trolled around in White Bay as Jack caught some nice fish there. Tonight we anchored at White bay and cooked some Cilantro Ginger Chicken with rice/peas for dinner. Our fun for the night was catching some more yellow tail to make cervichi. Steph made us laugh as she was determined to kiss the fishes, yet she wanted to do the mercy killing of cutting their heads off. Tonight we played a hilarious game of Heads Up. Fun!

4 May 2017

Day 3: Anegada Evening We got back to the scooter rental place safely when I noticed the license plate started with a "MC", it was meant to be. Jack and Heather had a hotel for the night so we were all able to take a nice hot shower without having to turn off the water while soaping (we had to conserve water) Showered and feeling relaxed, we stopped for a drink and caught back up to Stephen and his crew. Of course I had to leave our mark there too. Then it was back to Potters by the Sea for the best lobster (πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ) dinner you will ever eat. There's no going back to a standard lobster ... we've been spoiled. After dinner we did a little dancing and our crew "attempted" to do the limbo. The night ended with getting a little lost in the dark trying to find the dinghy dock we had tied to earlier that morning. I thought it a good idea to go back to the hotel to get the flashlight from the bags we left at the hotel...let's just say, Jack and Heather minded the interruption. Oops!
Day 3: Loblolly Aka Paradise Words and pictures don't come close to how truly beautiful this place was. As we parked our bikes and walked up to the beach Heather noticed a old friend Stephen. He was also on charter and gave us some great advice for ours. We found a little beach bar on Loblolly called the Big Bamboo(πŸ‘πŸΌ). Where we shared a few more drinks and ordered food. They offer a delicious conch and lobster fritter, and grilled shrimp. Steph helped us leave our make at this bar by burning our names into a piece of wood with a magnifying glass. Pretty impressive. After lunch, we walked down the beach for some swim and snorkel time. Though I had a bit of a panic attack when I couldn't find Kyle out in the reefs, he was happily paddling way out there. We had a fun day but it was time to scooter (white knuckle) our way back.
Day 3: Anegada/Loblolly Bay First stop a drink at the nearest bar- which turned out to be Potters by the Sea (πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ) so we had a Potters Rum Punch (πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ) and left out mark. From here with our spirits on high again we walked down to rent scooters from a girl named Stephanie. Kyle and I rode together and so did Jack and Heather, Since Steph was a pro at it, she rode solo. Happily (while I had a death grip on Kyle) we headed the few miles to another amazingly beautiful beach called Loblolly Bay (πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ).
Day 3: Crazy adventure continues... We were in quite the pickle at this point. Kyle wrangled the dinghy back to the boat and tied it up. There was a nice man in a little dinghy (hoped he was heaven sent-but just waiting to give us a flyer for the restaurant) that retrieved the stick and brought it back to us. We duck taped (thanks to Steph for bringing it along) the mooring stick. Now it was my turn to try, I was able to grab the mooring ball this time and Jack and I tied the boat to it. All Kyle had to do now was dive under to clear the rope from the prop so we could get back to our real adventure. I imagine everyone around us breathed a sigh of relief when we got things under control. Steph decided his was a good time for a dip. Time to dinghy ashore and get our spirits back!
Day 3: Sail to Anegada It took us a few hours to sail from our beautiful mooring at Prickly Pear, but the trip couldn't be any more amazing. Though today didn't go as easy as planned. First we tried to anchor, but then changed our minds as we saw an available mooring ball. This was our first attempt at hooking and tying up... sound easy right? Jack had the mooring stick and I had the ropes. I wish I could say it went smoothly, but sadly I can't. We missed the target, cracked the stick and dropped it in the water. In our attempt to back up, retrieve it and try again, we accidentally sucked the rope that was dragging the dinghy behind the boat into the prop which cut the rope and freed the dinghy. Ugh! Now we have a runaway dinghy, no mooring ball, one engine and me on the helm trying to stop all the alarms from sounding and running the boat ashore or into another boat as Kyle swims to the dinghy . Did I mention that the area was crowded with lots of boats and the attention of everyone

3 May 2017

Day 2: Sail to The Baths, Virgin Gorda The morning started off with boat problems, the air conditioner wouldn't run when we were not docked and the fridge/freezer was not working properly. This meant we had to return to Hodges Creek to the main base to have the boat fixed, if not we would lose all of our cold provisions. About 1.5 hours and 4 new batteries later we were back on sail to Virgin Gorda to a place called The Baths. The views along the way are breathtaking. There are caves on the beach that are built with boulders since the beginning of time. Or it seems that way. We wandered all thru the caves climbing over boulders and sliding down rocks as we walked along which took us out to this beautiful white sand beach. When we returned and motored over to Prickly Pear island where Jack grilled up filet steaks and shrimp for dinner. Tonight we played a very competitive game of spoons for some.

2 May 2017

Day 1: Willy T's - The place wasn't incredibly busy but it had a good vibe (recs). Our first drink was a WT surfboard shot... don't know what was in it but it went down nicely. Then came a pickle shot (no recs from me). Though it gave some liquid courage to do what Willys is also famous for- jumping off the high platform. We watched this older man do it and he made it seem easy, so Kyle, Jack and Heather tried it. The older man wanted us to take a pic with him to show his wife what cuties he caught on his trip, so we obliged him. It was now time for another drink and chat with Captain James before we say our goodbyes. With him gone we headed back to the Rendezvous. Just in time for the sunset. Tonight we sat chatting while we fished. It did not take long before I hooked a big snapper (which will become dinner tomorrow). Crazy Steph said she wanted to kiss it, so she did, though I still don't understand why. We ended the up with 2 fish in the bucket and a fantastic first night.
Day 1: Sail to Norman Island Our sail day has finally arrived!. We all got up early to prepared for the boat checkout and Day captain James arrival. After an hour and a half or so, we pulled up the ropes and headed out to Norman Island. It took us all some time to get our sea legs, but the tanning was in full swing. Along the way, James showed Kyle the techniques of letting out the sails and using the boat under power, he got the hang of it pretty fast. We made it to Norman Island in about an hour and half and found a great location close to the famous Willy T's and dropped anchor, mixed up more drinks and made lunch. After lunch we headed to WillyTs.

1 May 2017

Food, clothes and snorkel gear all put away, it's time to relax. We can't leave the marina tonight as we have to wait for the checkout crew and 1 day Capt we hired to come aboard. It was well earned time for drinks and laughter. Kyle mixed up a pitcher of Painkillers and cooked up hotdogs for dinner with some fresh salsa and chips. We shared a taxi earlier in the day with the couple that had the sailboat right next door, so I invited them over for drinks tonight. They were a sweet couple coming to BVI from Switzerland (Roland and Sylvia), they didn't have any kids so they liked to travel and sail like kindred spirits. After they left we had a crazy night of laughing and and drinking, playing a good hearty game of Cards Against Humanity. It's been a long day, with the anticipating our sail tomorrow, I hope I can get some sleep tonight.
Provisioning the boat was yet another adventure! We had a few hours to kill till the boat would be ready for us. So we hopped a taxi and headed to Riteway Provisions (recs) store. After our $8 per person taxi ride we were shopping hungry... you know what that means. About $650 later..... we have food, water and most importantly we have spirits (hearts and the booze kind). With our boxes filled we headed back to the boat, with the hopes the boat would be ready.... sadly it was not nor did I take pics of our food melting in the sun. Though we did think it funny that Jack decided this was a good time to dedicate to working.
Great morning it's sailing day!!. The rainy weather has definitely cleared and the sun is peeking out. I'll take it!! It's been quite an adventure so far and we haven't even arrived to our boat. We were supposed to meet J and H at the ferry in Red Hook, but when we found Jack he said Heather returned to the apartment as she had forgotten her meds. She was now in a battle with time to get back to the ferry. Jack ended up having to give the ferry Capt a nice "tip" to have him wait for her return... which of course he did.. We finally made it over to see our sailboat for the sail... but of course since we arrived so early (overly excited) we had to wait for them to prep the boat. I charmed our way on to see it (see pics) The boat is called Rendezvous.

30 April 2017

After our world wind day we shower and changed and headed to a place called Sangria's Beachside Bistro, the food was very good considering it was a beach bar. We had the BBQ pizza. (Recs=I recommend going) The bartender muddled all his drinks and made them from scratch not pre-made mixes. Steph ended up have a lot in common with the server, they were both burners a term you use if you go to the Burning Man festivals. it was a great first night in St. Thomas.... tomorrow we sail.
Kyle, Steph and I, left Jack and Heather at a local friends for the night. They were going to do their own things for the night. We on the other hand rented an Airbnb for the night close to red hook ferry terminal. It was a nice little place named the Elysian Beach Resort with friendly people and its own beach. We quickly changed to our suits and padded down to the pool. It had rained earlier so the weather was a bit cooler than usual. While Kyle and Steph splashed I dipped my toes in, it was chilly but bearable. After this we hit the pool and hottub. We met a couple there, 2 NYC police officers.... both of which were severely wasted and quite obnoxious . The husband talked with us as though we were under interrogation... kinda funny even in his drunken state on vacation, but we had enough of that, It was time to go.
Looking out the window on our short flight to Atlanta all I can think about is how fortunate we are to be going on this epic trip. A first of a kind and hopefully the start of many more. Next stop our plane to St. Thomas after this short flight delay.
We had decided to pack 2 coolers full of meat and food instead of buying it in the BVIs. This meant we had to check them at the airport. A good idea but also a really bad idea. The lines to drop your bags were ridiculously long. Steph had taken her leg brace so she could scoot through security, her and I grabbed a wheelchair and headed to security. (Which is a no-no) looking lost and pitiful the woman who help wheelchair passengers came up to assist us, I left Steph in her care and went back to search for Kyle and finding Jack and Heather in the process. We all knew there was a good possibility of missing this flight. At this point Kyle and I got our bags through with J/H close behind. Of course as with rushing to get somewhere we all got stopped and searched. At this point Steph is on the plane, I'm through and walking to hold the plane for the others, One by one I start to see their faces appear through the door as relief starts to make us all smile and laugh. We made it!!
It's 5 am and the trip we had been planning the last 5 months to the BVIs was finally here. Thinking back....Kyle and I had trouble finding 2 or 3 people we wanted to take along. I initially asked Jack a good friend/colleague and his girl Heather if they had wanted to go with us, they turned it down initially. We then asked another couple we knew who decided for one reason or another they couldn't go. Then came the call from Steph.... who was on our list to ask. She immediately said yes about the same time Jack and Heather happily changed their mind. We've got our crew, now we had to plan our adventure, our music, shop for food, activities, cooking and even our drinking. Taxi is here....