Europe · 21 Days · 20 Moments · July 2017

Julie's journi to United Kingdom

16 August 2017

On the train to Amsterdam today, that was a great trip, we where given something to eat, the train was so fast. Got on board the boat about 2pm . Checked I tour cabin it's just amazing, can't believe we are on the boat.

14 August 2017

Did the louvre today, this was great a lot of people, I think we are over all the crowds. Then we walked around to Notre dame. Again people everywhere. Didn't go in queues to long. Had quiet time this afternoon, then off to Moulin Rough. What a night that was, could take photos, bought a book instead. It's been a big day. Another big one tomorrow We have enjoyed Paris and a little cafe in Paris but I don't think John and Jenny enjoyed it.

13 August 2017

John and Jenny arrived today, Al and I walked up to the arches it was further than we thought, so we caught the train back. Meet up with john and Jenny. Dinner at Eiffel Tower tonight and river cruise. Eiffel Tower dinner was amazing and Paris by night was just beautiful.

12 August 2017

On the metro really today for a 9am walking tour of the city, cheese tasting and macaroons. Rafal was our tour guide he was great, again we saw and found out lots. Out side the louvre, beautiful churches, we walk through the most expensive parks off Paris, and squares where only the rich live and shop. People queuing up to get into Herman, where one sales person per customer. There where only 6 of us in the group. We went into a department store after the tour, quit different to our department stores. Came back to hotel about 3pm add lunch at our cafe, then back on the metro to find the under ground shopping Center, this took us a lest 2hrs and multiple people trying the explain where we should go. Finally we found it, got al some new joggers then headed back got the the cafe again about 7.30. Had a cocktail for happy hr then a ham and cheese sandwich. It was a big day of walking. We can sleep in in the morning. One of the photos was oh the Rits where princes Di spent her last days

11 August 2017

Arrived in Paris 11.30 am by the time we arrived at our hotel it was 1.30pm. Room is okay, our room looks out onto the street below. Very Parisian. Its lovely. We had lunch in a little cafe just up from our hotel it was one of many very close to us. We went for a short walk but as usual it turn into a marathon. Back to our room feeling very tired.

10 August 2017

Had a sleep in this morning, bit hard to get going, anyway we hoped on the hop on hop do bus, got off at the castle just as well we did it was packed and we where there at 9.30. People everywhere, I felt like I was getting a cold today, not to bad this afternoon. We came back to our appartment about 3pm. Both left very tired, we saw a lot but still so much more to see but not a lot of energy. Up early morning 6.40 pick up.

9 August 2017

Left Windermere this morning, heading toward Scotland, seen the Roman wall, Adrian's wall. Really good, both feeling a bit tired. Arrived at Frairs Carse hotel. Just amazing. Got to our room early today so we had a little break but when u arrive early u seem to catch up on sorting bags sending message and before u know it it's time for dinner. We got down stairs and john asked us to all go out the front, a piper was out there playing the bag pipes. It was truly amazing g just wonderful, Al and I teared up big time. Had a great dinner traditional Haggis ceremony. Our room was great the whole experience was great. Set off today saw sir Walter Scott's home, Abbottsford house, had a great lunch there, then onto Roslyn Capel. Arrived in Edinburgh about 4.30 said goodbye to everyone, caught a cab to the knights residence appartments Very nice bedroom lounge full kitchen and a washing machine, everything we needed. Went for a walk checked things out, bought some food come home. Had dinne

7 August 2017

Had a great day today, went to a lovely little village, where Wordsworth went to school, great chocolate shop. Then onto Beatrice potters cottage, coniston lake. Then we got on a great old lacomative and went up to pick up the ferry for a cruise on lake Windermere. Then onto Wordsworth cottage and then a choice of dinner back at the hotel or in the near by village on the lake. We eat in the near by village and then walked back to our hotel. Early night much needed, getting all peopled out.

6 August 2017

Left York today, Churchill hotel was not good, small rooms again and very dark. Went to Howard castle, it was amazing garden where my type of gardens, the house was also amazing. We bought pink lady apples at a fruit shop in the stable area of the castle, they where so nice as we haven't had a lot of fruit while we where in York. Travelled through the moors and the dales, stopped at a little town for lunch, then we stopped at a pub for drinks instead of afternoon tea. Onto our hotel the water view and that's what we have from our room which is a good size we're hear for two nights. Lovely dinner tonight. Big day out tomorrow

5 August 2017

We are in York. Had a great night last night, this morning out and about 9am walking tour with John then left to do our own thing from 10.30 for the rest of the day, Walked the wall which goes all the way round the main city, built in the medieval times. Did river cruise, was good, its very cold. Walk around the city, through the shambles, town square shops and the cathedral, and the ruins of the abbey. Walk back to hotel, John was having a beer in the garden so we sat with him for a while. It was nice to have a day to our selfs, I don't know that we could do a tour any longer than this one. We're just don't like being around people this long. Don't know how we will go on the cruise. Anyway by the time we went back o our room after a drink with John it was time to walk back into town to do the ghost walk, it wasn't bad, a lot of just standing round. Als legs where hurting and my legs and back, we were tired. Back to our room, no drinks tonight. Need quiet time. On the road again tom

4 August 2017

O the road again by 8.45. Big day today. Snowdonia national park was amazing. The country side again ever changing. The Carnarvon castle right in the middle of this beautiful town, we climbed up all theses stone steps walked around the top, it was great. The onto the welsh food Center for lunch, al and I had a veggie Wellington, it was so good. The aqua dux was something to see, the narrow boats so good to see. Back to the in for a buffet dinner again so much food.

2 August 2017

On the road by 8.45 after a huge breakfast, good stat to the day. The weather hasn't been so good. The country roads are so narrow, most time s it one way. The cathedral where king john is buried we great. Then onto iron bridge was good. Then onto wales. The Mulberry Inn was great big room, food was again amazing, to much at times.

1 August 2017

Headed of on our back roads tour. Only 13 of us on the bus, John is our tour guide and Gerry is our driver. We have 5 NZ, 2 Americans, 5 Aussies. Plus Eva who is training for this particular tour. Went to oxford which was amazing, then onto the Cotswolds, an amazing, to a little village where some of the scenes where filmed for downtown abbey, the church, the hospital, and Mrs Crowley cottage. What surprise that was. Stayed at three three ways hotel. Room was very small , we had to climb over our bags to get to the bathroom. After staying at the royal horse guard in London, I think that will be hard to beat. Anyway the country side was just beautiful. Dinner still the pudding club was great so much food.

31 July 2017

Up early this morning, Phillip said we could leave our bags at the hotel until this afternoon so we did. Headed down to Westminster abbey, amazing church. Then we caught the tube to Albert Hall, had coffee and cake before the tour, which was amazing. After Albert Hall we walk to Albert monument, just beautiful, then we walked through Kensington Park, beautiful, onto Kensington Palace, viewing of princes Di's gowns where beautiful. Back to the hotel on the tube for the last time. We gave our tube Oyster cards to Phillip plus £10 for looking after us, he was terrific. Caught taxi to grange Wellington hotel. Our room is an appartment Not impressed, no bath robes, no hair dryer and no free wifi. Can't believe it for what we paid for just one night. We do have a little kitchen, so we went out bought some chicken,salad and some water for dinner, had it back our room, again pretty. I just hope the backroads tour accommodation is better than where we are tonight.
Called Aunty Molly this morning, it's rainy in Sydney. We move to the grange Wellington today to stat our back road tour tomorrow. We are doing a tour of Royal Albert Hall at midday. We have sure experienced London weather at its not so best. But it hasn't stopped us from seeing this wonderful city. The royal horse guard hotel was great, free mini bar, breakfast so much to eat very good, concierge service was amazing. We will be glad to leave it tomorrow to get out in the countryside.

30 July 2017

Did tour through Buckingham palace, walked up through st James park to the palace, just lovely, the tour was great had morning tea in the palace gardens. The queen was not in residence so we where able to do the tour. It was great. We then went to harrods, amazing just beautiful. Als not feeling so good today, hope he's not getting a cold.
Piccadilly Circus, had lunch there, what a rip off, walk up and down So Ho. Walk all through the streets around Mayfair. Berkeley square. M M Shop all 4 levels amazing.

29 July 2017

We went to covert gardens markets, walk all round the shops in York street Marks and Spence department store. I was trying to buy a pair of joggers, my feet are killing me so so sore but no luck. Went to selfriges. I was a bit disappointed in it. Then we came back to hotel had a break drop off things for the kids we had bought at the markets, then set off to Greenwich, it raining and its cold. Greenwich was great but I think we have over done the walking, we where again so tired when we got back. We bought some cheese and biscuits and a bag of chips and had them in our room. Didn't feel like much else.

28 July 2017

Started tour of London 9am, was okay but we had already seen a lot, St. Paul's cathedral was amazing so to was the Tower of London, London bridge and the Crown Jewels. We did the river cruise up the Thames. Then back to our hotel big day very tired. Feet and legs are so sore.

26 July 2017

Arrived 5.30am Wednesday 26th long long flight picked up at Heathrow, hotel by 6.30am. It was quick out of customs. Hotel is beautiful. Can't get into room till after 2. So we took off, we where walking over Westminster bridge at 7am, it's just amazing. Big Ben , then we went to Lord's and abbey road . Two more things off the bucket list. Lord's was great. Checked into our room at 2pm by now we where feeling a little tired. Unpacked and out we went again, Trafalgar Square, so much to see with in walking distance from our hotel. How hotel is beautiful,large room free mini bar, great breakfast.